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What should you Focused on


Staff member
Sep 6, 2019
Common Question: "What should I focus on as a beginner?"

Everything is important.
But there are a few fundamentals which are NOT optional. These NEED to be on point. I'm going to explain them as simply as possible.

A few mindsets myself and our students have found helpful:
Assume attraction
Always Be Closing

One of the most valuable mindsets that helped me in my learning process was to try to pull every single girl. It made a lot of sense to me. The only thing that stands between me and a pull is an objection. The more I try to pull, the more objections I'll get. The more objections I get, the better I'll become at handling them. The more objection I handle, the more girls I pull.

I don't wanna overload you with mindsets. It's a recipe for disaster and will only result in mental masturbation. Which is not why we're in this group.


1. Proximity
Be much closer than you think you need to be. You should be close enough that you feel tension building. From the outside, it should look like you are about to
2. Eye contact
Pick one pupil, and stick to it. Remember to relax your upper eyelid or you'll look like a serial killer and get banned from every venue in the city.
3. Square up
This means that your shoulders, feet and hips are in alignment with hers. Hence the name. Simple AF.
4. Tonality
You don't want to sound like a robot.
A great start is to vary between a "Happy" tonality and a "Sad" tonality. If you can do this, you'll have more emotional impact than 95% of the population. Instantly. Once you get the hang of this, you can introduce other tonalities, such as "curious", "positive disbelief", "negative disbelief", "suspicion", and so on.
5. Vocal projection
You need to be loud enough for her to hear you. Likely much louder than you think you need to be.
Ask yourself this - have you ever had a girl tell you that you're "too loud?" Probably not.
How often do girls ask you to repeat yourself? Probably quite often.
She shouldn't have to put any effort in whatsoever just for the sake of hearing you.

Basic structure
When you're just starting out, this does NOT have to be fancy. KISS - Keep It Simple, Stupid

If you follow the structure below, you WILL get results. It's inevitable. It will obviously be largely a numbers game, but it's far better than "freestyling". What I'm doing right now isn't too different from the below structure, at least on a surface level.

Lock in
Seed pull