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Tips for cutting girls OFF and setting boundaries


Staff member
Sep 6, 2019
A client asked me the following:
'' I struggle with cutting them loose when I find better chicks that I want on my rotation.''

Here's what you need to CONSIDER:
What frames are you setting with these girls from the start?

How many girls do you have in rotation and how many do you want or can handle?

Before I started traveling around the world and I stayed in one place for a long period, I would have 10-13 in my rotation. I was meeting a lot women so it was hard to handle such a rotation so I cut it down to 5. But I wasn't seeing women regularly. If you only have a few girls and you have trouble retaining women, then I wouldn't be "cutting girls off".
Cut girls off if you already have a rotation and retainability isn't an issue. There was a time (usually after long relationships) kept the girls that I could retain until I got better at game and got more and more girls. And was able to keep them around. Even if they weren't exactly what I wanted around in my rotation. It was beneficial to have sex whenever I wanted. Improve my skills in that area and more. It also helped with my confidence. Even if they weren't the girls that I exactly wanted, I didn't feel needy or desperate ("scarcity mindset").

So ask yourself if you should even be cutting girls off in the first place.

But if you need to cut girls off and add new girls, then it's about setting the right frames from the start. I never officially "cut off" or broke up with girls. I just... stopped. I saw them less and less. They may persist in trying to meet, but ultimately with the frame I set, they knew that I had a lot of women and nothing serious were to ever occur and that me getting a new girl was possible. That kind of frame is very difficult for guys to set. It's mostly the frames they set and being afraid to not risk losing the girl.

So what issue are you having with cutting girls off? That's the easiest part.
What are you worried about? Struggling with exactly?

As for setting boundaries, I would analyze your own interactions and relationships (current and in the past). What boundaries did women cross? It may be different from guy to guy. But again, if you set the frames from the start and you uphold the frames throughout (this IS tedious work).

Setting frames and reinforcing them is not easy. Most coaches I know and that you guys know well aren't even able to do this successfully. They get fatigued. They crack. Girls NEVER get fatigued. They never stop trying to reframe and set new frames. It's innate. It's natural for them. We have to know what frames to set and when they reframe or set new ones and how to handle that. It takes practice and experience. Patience. Pay attention to the frames of the interaction or relationship as a whole. And small frames on a regular basis. Small ones add up. Women will attack in increments. They will gradually set frames. Reframe things over time and by the time you realize what's happened it's too late. So be observant and pay attention to every frame set. Your frames and her frames. On every level. It's tedious, but you can start with simple interactions in the club. Or at work. Wherever.
You can practice with your friends. Though guys are a lot easier tbh.