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Tinder Textgame Advanced


Staff member
Sep 6, 2019

I had to work hard for this Valentine's Day Hinge love report.

Reopen her 3 times & a LOT of baiting 😭

Here's an example of the perfect tinder openers and baits till getting her on a date
Tinder opener:
You have a great vibe about you :)
Probably my second favourite Hinge opener because you can say it to any girl and they will respond well. It also open loops them and baits them into asking about the specific vibe they exhibit. It’s also not super gamey or cringe. Great opener for Hinge.

Funsized & ambitious American that enjoys cuddles & nice wine
Funsized because of her height, ambitious because she has her PhD in psychology. Cuddles & wine because every girl likes this. A very high-probability text.

Prompting her to explain.

Well if you bring that sexy accent & good vibes then I can bring the nice wine ;)
Slight sexualise while addressing her little concern about the nice wine.

You look like a lot of fun, where are you staying?
She said ‘deal’ and had a fair amount of compliance for me so I move things more towards the close here, while also qualifying her.

Perfect, I wonder if you have one of my weaknesses though…
I wanted 2 things here. To run weaknesses routine. And also to bait her to qualify more, eliciting more investment.

I’m weak for emotional & intellectual depth, accents & a great booty
Standard weaknesses

Sure, just as long as the booty is great!

You’ll have to wear something sexy for our romantic date!
Baiting romantic date & sexualising

Is that your style?
Here she says a weird suggestion. So I sent this text to sort of call her out or punish her uncalibrated text when we were in the middle of sexualising.

Lingerie or sexy stockings is more my vibe but I’m open-minded!
Offer her a few suggestions in a witty manner.

She offers a suggestion and I agree. Absolutely is a lot stronger than just ‘yeah’ when you need to concur with something.

Crossing my fingers hoping you have a sexy corset
Wanted to know that she has it for sure.

If you’re too shy I totally understand!
Calling her out on not replying in the middle of sexual topic.

So tell me a little about you
I got this text from Metin Bkool. This is a good way to get more investment & get her to open up a little. You can also use some of the information you get here to open up new threads of conversation.

Where to start! Ambitious. Charming. Confident. Passionate about gym, reading and having fun with friends. Great oral skills. Humble.
DHV in a witty way.

Nice perhaps we should change that ;)
Talking about her corset.

Honestly, I’d rather we just see how the chemistry is first. No expectations on my end
She gives off a very nonchalant & low-compliance response through the ‘we will see.’ As such, this prompted me to prize frame, take a step back from the sexualisation and suggest we meet under a more platonic frame. The reason is because I was getting sexual non-compliance, when I slightly dropped the sexualisation, I then got much more compliance as you will see...

Nice, do you like wine?
Typical closing sequence

Great, let’s split a bottle & see how the chemistry is. Red or white?
Decision close

Done. What’s your schedule like next week?

Hmm. Solution?
I want her to offer a suggestion because she hasn’t told me which specific evening she could be free to enjoy a nice bottle of wine. It’s a good prizing frame text because it prompts her to make the move and suggest the date.

I like that idea. Shoot me your number for white wine arrangement purposes!
Number close

Hey it’s Christian from the thing
Open on text

What happened to our love?
Reopen her in a funny, witty, non-reactive way. Refer to my reopening guide for a complete results-driven & tested guide of the best reo-peners!

I’m sure you’ll make it up to me on our romantic date
Punishing non-compliance & baiting date. I sent this text wanting her to ask when this romantic date will be

So what trouble are you causing?
Another way of saying “How are you?”

Do you have coconut oil? Booty massages are the best for a hangover!
I got this text from David Swift Manu Chong but modified it a bit to suit this girl. This text is GOLD & works like a charm!

Missing out! It has many uses. Can I be honest with you?
Starting open-loop routine

One thing about you makes me very curious…
Open-loop routine

Please tell me you still have that sexy American accent
Baiting her to qualify more because I still didn’t feel I had that much investment for a date. I could also have said after this text “Can't wait to hear it!’ or something like that

Breaking my heart [name]
Punishing in a witty fashion

Hey trouble

How goes thy Thursday?
Better than saying “How are you?”

How did Tasmania treat you?
Making conversation

Manage to get a sexy tan with all this outdoors adventures?
Sexualising off her response.

I’ll have to see it on our romantic date!
Baiting date once more

Soon before that tan wears off. What’s your schedule like?
FINALLYYYY SHE BITES on the ‘romantic date’ 😭😈

Feeling spontaneous tonight?
Screening / feeler text

Perfect cuddling weather. Since you tick off my weaknesses I could swing by with a nice bottle?
I love this text because of a few reasons. Whenever a girl complains about the cold you can say it’s cuddling weather. Second, I qualify her once more about the weaknesses (giving justification is more likely to elicit compliance - Influence by Robert Cialdini). Moreover, the term “swing by” suggests that the date will be at hers.

How romantic. And does it have a comfy pillow & blanket for me if I have a little too much wine?
Another way of asking her can I stay the night because I don’t want to drink wine then have to drive home - that would be illegal.

Sounds like the most romantic Valentine’s date! 9pm?

Great, wear something cute ;)
Because that’s what I like

Just hopping in the shower. Text you when I’m 20 away