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Sexting lines


Staff member
Sep 6, 2019
My plan is to bring you into my room. Put a blindfold over your eyes. Lay you
down on my bed and slowly tease your body with your clothes on. I'll slowly
move my fingers inside your clothes. Taking off one piece at a time. Leaving
just your panties on so I can gently kiss up your thighs and around your
panties. I'll use my tongue to rub across your clit and around it until your
panties are soaking wet and you're begging for it. I'll pull your panties aside
just so your wet pussy is exposed. You try to grab my head to lick your clit, but
I'll grab your wrists and hold you down so I can slowly taste your wet pussy as
I move around your clit with my lips. Your hips moving up so lips put more
pressure on your throbbing clit

● My plan is to bring you into my haunted house. You will see Alex on a chair
with his hands tied behind his back and a sock in his mouth. I’m going to start
fucking you with my MPUA friend CIel. Ciel has the biggest dick so you’re
going to love every second of it. Alex will start furiously sniffing your panty on
the floor and attempting to jack himself whilst watching us despite his hands
tied together. Then…

● If you were here now. We'd be cuddling. You the little spoon. With my hand
playing with your nipples and the other playing with your sensitive little clit. My
wet and warm lips sucking and kissing your neck. As my cock slowly yet
passionately moves in and out of your dripping needy little hole. In and out. In
and out. You'd be whimpering and moaning. You'd be a desperate horny little
mess. Losing your fucking mind. I'd be whispering in your ear. That it'll be over
soon. But we both know it won't…

● You know what my favorite thing about 69’ing is?
It isn’t that I get to be inside of your mouth while also giving you pleasure with
Or that my face is surrounded by your beautiful legs while we do it…
Or that my view is of the sexiest ass in the entire fucking world…
No. My favorite part is when you start to get so turned on that I can literally see
your delicious juices slowly dripping down your pussy towards my mouth…
and I suddenly feel like I’ve been in the desert for an entire week and I’m about
to get my first drop of life-giving fluid since I got there.
God, I love how you taste. cant wait to see you again.

● I have this naughty fantasy .. it involves..
you wearing black kitten ears and black lingerie.
Choking and spanking
Going down on you to transform my cute little kitty to a wild scratching
predator. Kissing you with your love juice on my lips so you can
taste yourself.
Making out with you while my throbbing dick teases your wet pussy with just
the head going in..
You begging me to fuck you.
Me choking you and saying "NO".
Whispering... in your ear. "Daddy only fucks when He wants to".

● I'd start off with blindfolding you. Use my feather to touch you everywhere.
Kiss up your inner thighs. Hold your tight waist while I split your legs wide
open and breath on your drenched panties.