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Routines to remove LMRs


Staff member
Sep 6, 2019
Here are a set of stories used to remove certain elements of LMR

The Yoda Sequence
Storytelling to prevent LMR & make her comfortable

This routine consists of 4 parts. It’s carefully thought out to address each and every one of a girls possible limiting beliefs or objections.

Fight Club

Hey, have you seen the movie Fight Club? [Yes, no, whatever]

You know this character Marla? To me, she is the epitome of a woman!

I just love the way she carries herself. I mean, she takes it to an EXTREME. But I just fucking love it, it’s so attractive!

So.. when she wants to cross the fucking road, she just walks. She doesn't even look if there are cars coming. They just honk and they have to drive out of the way. A little bit over the top but I think it’s fucking cool.

She does other things that I find really cool:

She meets this guy, Tyler Durden.

The dorky version of Tyler Durden is played by Edward Norton, and the cool, “doesn’t-give-a-fuck”-version of Tyler Durden is played by Brad Pitt.

Who she sees is Edward Norton. She doesn’t see Brad Pitt. That’s just like an alter ego.

Anyway.. The second she meets Tyler Durden she says “I don’t give a fuck what anyone thinks. I don’t give a fuck what my friends think. I don’t care what society thinks and I don’t even care what this guy thinks himself or if he’s gonna judge me because I want to bang him and I’m just gonna do it.”

So she goes home to him, “Just bang me”

If he’s being weird afterwards “I don't give a fuck, I just wanted sex its not a big deal.”

I think thats so fucking true.

Madonna/Whore complex

Our society is so fucking weird. Have you ever noticed that a girl who sleeps around is “a whore” for some reason because she likes the most natural thing on the planet. But if a guy does it at worst he’ll be called a player and at best he’ll get a fist bump from his friends. So fucking weird. Our Entire revolution revolve around survival and replication. We can’t replicate without sex, its the whole fucking point. Its so fucking sad. I had this new years resolution so I can’t really sleep with anyone right now. It’s weird, don't ask me, it’s a long story.


I used to be kind of a sex addict. When I did sleep with a girl, something that I learned that was so fucking sad, I guess, if anything, is if i slept with a girl I quickly learned cannot tell my closest friends. Even if I find some girl who’s just amazing, super cool, great sex - loves having her hair pulled, being spanked and fucking slapped a little bit in the face, fucked hard. It’s an amazing experience I will be thinking about for years and we will form a bond over it. But if I tell that to my friends .- I have really cool friends so they’ll not judge. But if they would tell anyone that they knew - people would just judge that girl. Isn't that weird like.. I’m gonna get hyped up but she'll be judged for it. I couldn’t tell her name, age, where we met. All I could say is “I met this random anonymous person and had amazing sex”. But I can't even tell that anymore because people are just gonna start asking about it so i'm not even saying anything. It’s just weird. People are so worried about other people's other and the cultures conditioning, they don't even know how to live a fulfilling life. They never take risks, they don't live in the moment.

Seneca/Shortness of life

It’s gonna sound a bit weird, but, it’s like this book I read a few years ago. It’s actually 2000 years old. It’s written by an old greek philosopher called Seneca. It’s called “on the shortness of life”, have you read that? [They have not].

It’s the most intense read ever. It’s actually painful. When I read this book, I felt pain in my whole body. I have never felt so much stress and existential angst in my entire life, not before and not after. The book is 2000 to 25000 years old, and it is just as relevant today as it was back then. The guy is a fucking genius. The book basically starts when he's just explaining how short life is. Life is ending one minute at a time, and the worst part is we don't have that many minutes. It’s just OVER! When you're 80 it's just over. You're on your deathbed and missed all chances to live an exciting life. He talks about how people are living safe lives and making safe choices.

This does not change, it’s the same shit! 2000 years later!

When I’m reading this -I feel like I’m wasting my life. I’m not taking enough risks, I'm not being bold enough. i’m just living a stagnant life. I’m playing too safe.

But then, in the end of the book he actually presents a solution - and when I read this, I have never in my ever had a single moment of a turning point. I’ve just been changed since then.

He said “whenever you have an opportunity and you’re considering not taking it because you’re worried about reputation, what people think, what society thinks or because you're afraid you're not good enough to do it. Limiting belief more or less. If you don't do it it will eat you up from the inside for the rest of your life.

Elderly Home

Imagine being 80 years old.. Like we have ONE LIFE!

And it passes like THAT!

And then you're lying there and thinking “I Wasted it”

Imagine the regret - I had one chance and I wasted it?!?

And it's so weird.. So weird that I didn't realize it.. I realized this 2 years ago

It's so strange i didn't get this earlier, because when I was younger I used to work in an elderly home as a volunteer..

I was talking to the people who were living in this elderly home. I would read the newspaper to them every morning. Sometimes, I’d end up in pretty deep & long conversations with these old people. They’d basically end up telling me their life stories.

I asked every single one the same question: “What’s your biggest regret in life”?

I’m kicking myself I didn't get this at 18 - because it “sort of makes sense but kind of!”

Every single person, men or woman, they NEVER, not ONCE, said they regretted something they did. They only regret things they passed upon.

Now when I think back on it, 99/100 regrets was things I didn’t do because I was scared society would judge me.. Or my friends would judge me.

Something else that’s pretty interesting - it very rarely/ever had something to do with money or career. It always had to do with love. Love that wasn’t acted upon. .