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Objection Handling


Staff member
Sep 6, 2019
Most men struggle with the following objection after they pull a girl home, telling them ''I'm not that type of girl'or that she can't do this on the first night.
The solution for it is simple.
You have to handle this objection in the club or during the date before you take her home with you.

First you want to ask the following :
Have you ever had a one night stand before?
Based on her response you will know of she has this objection.
You then need to understand the reason why, without arguing with her, just aknoledging her.
You can say something along these lines :
It's fine but I'm super curious about the reason why you feel this way because my cousin/friend/sister was the same. So basically you give her a reason to tell you why she feels about that in that way

Then you say:
For me it's just a feeling if I like someone. It can be on the first night or after 4 dates.

So let's say you meet guy 5 min in club exchange numbers, then run into him a couple of times. Spend 10 more minutes, then date. I mean 5 hrs can be in one night or over a period just doesn't make sense it's arbitrary.

Cold read her good then say I probably know more about you than your best friends do

For me it's just an arbitrary Nr if I meet someone 3 times and don't feel connected i won't sleep with her no matter how much time we spend. For me it's just a feeling

Frame you set is forget about time it's a feeling

Don't search for the kiss so she doesn't know that's what you're going for. So kiss only when you have sex with them