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Keeping your leads warm through text (Attainability)


Staff member
Sep 6, 2019
During these quarantine times, I’ve seen a few questions around keeping leads warm - girls that you are unable to see or even girls in different countries for those using Tinder passports.
Whenever this topic gets brought up, the focus is always around the number of messages to send and how often.

“How often should I message this girl?”

I message some of my leads every day, and other leads once every couple of months. The frequency you message does have an impact on the overall frame of the interaction but it isn't the most important variable.
You want to keep her in the chasing frame. You want to make sure that the girl constantly sees you as a high-value man. Someone that she would want to meet up with again. However, it is not just value. We must keep her on the emotional rollercoaster and continually balance our attainability.

The girl perceiving you as high value and a sexual authority simply aren’t enough. She needs to feel the possibility of seeing you again. You need to show that you are willing and able to see her.

That is the message I want to show you in this post. I heard this song on the radio and thought it would be the perfect “ping” message for my long term leads that might be questioning if they will ever be able to see me again.
I already have A LOT of value in these girl's eyes and have already set a sexual and non-exclusive frame (they know I’m with other women). I specifically chose who I was going to send it to. This message would not be good for leads in which my value could easily be forgotten or they are not chasing very hard. I’d rather send them DHV style pics referencing sexual authority and my lifestyle e.g. screenshots of articles, photos of me speaking, or ask for advice on the two models fighting over me.
As you can see from the messages it makes me a little more attainable and spikes their emotions once again. This isn't difficult to do and can keep the ‘lead warm’ over time until I can see them again.
If you have leads that see you as high value and you haven't messages in a while try this out. For those of you that are still trying to build value, I’ll write up another article about the type of ping messages I like to send.

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