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Instant pulling from Daygame LR


Staff member
Sep 6, 2019
Instant pulling an Italian and Venezuelan girl from the street and accidentally cuming inside her after the condom broke.
Lisbon. Tuesday evening.

We’re walking around with my wing checking out the city but also potentially approaching girls if we see some hotties.

We see 2 girls talking to each other and looking like they’re looking at directions for something. One of them is an 8, Italian, curly hair, tattoos and big booty.

I open and say something (don’t remember what)

They’re not too engaged and they kind of brush me off.

I’m in the process of leaving but Ben keeps talking to them and says a few more sentences until we reach the social hook point. (huge shoutout, I only ended up banging this girl because he stayed in set when I was leaving)

I go back into the set and start talking to the Italian girl. I don’t really remember what I was saying but we just started vibing a bit.

We get their logistics, they’re tourists in Lisbon and they’re not sure what to do right now.

We decide to pull them to a nearby rooftop bar and it’s quite easy to get them to agree, because their alternative is a shittier option.

Along the way, we isolate and vibe more. I start sexualising with my girl (solid eye contact, talking about her big booty)

We sit down at the bar, there we all talk as a group but also isolate our girls as well. At this point I just continue to sexualise with my girl and she’s giving me green lights. It was pretty clear that she’s more open sexually (tats, how she responded to me sexualising after 10 minutes etc.)

At one point when we were all vibing in the bar, one of the girls said she’s super glad they met us. (turns out they were approached by some creeps 5 minutes before I approached, so that explains their initial reaction)

After around 1 hour we decide to pull them to our place (around 10 minute walk away), we tell them that we can go get some food. They’re already getting hungry, so it was quite easy. Along the way I do that locked arm thing with my girl and just keep building a “we” bubble.

When we get to our place, my girl was fine with going in, the other girl was a bit hesitent. We handle the objections + my girl was more down so they end up going up.

At our place we ordered uber eats. After about 30-45 minutes we isolate and I start bachata dancing with my girl. She goes in for the kiss but I pull away to get her to chase. Then I pick her up and carry her to the couch, she loves it.

At one point I just tell her “come I’ll show you something”. And I lead her to my room. It was super on at that point and the only objection she had was that she was on her period, to which I just said that I don’t care. After that, some rated-R things happened.

The condom ended up breaking so I came in her, but she was on her period so all good.

Key Learnings
Even when a girl brushes you off in the first instant, persist with positive energy and humor for just 5 seconds, I’ve probably lost countless lays due to not doing this
Having a wingman to stay in for that extra 5 seconds can make all the difference
Sexualise and lead as soon as possible
Don’t use shitty chinese condoms