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Important Rules in Dating


Staff member
Sep 6, 2019
What is the number one most important thing in dating?

What is the one rule you must live by when interacting with women and trying to better yourself as a man?

After years of being involved in “game”, meeting with a multitude of coaches and learning different mindsets and techniques and coaching countless students there always seems to be one golden rule after another.

“Never drop your frame”

“Never buy a girl a drink”

“Always open set after set”

“Wings are your first priority”

Rule after rule after rule.

There’s only one rule I think you should live by.

Looking back on my experience there has been one stable mindset I have stuck by. It has enabled me to live my life with integrity and has helped me coach countless guys to greatness.

You should constantly try to leave an interaction better than you found it.

It was known as the campsite rule when I was a kid. You go to a national park and spend the night and we were always taught to clean up your shit and have it in the same or better condition than you left it. This was a rule strongly held by the community and it meant that these campsites could be enjoyed by everyone from generation to generation.

This value offering frame is what I hold myself to when dating, and not only dating but in my day to day life.
If you can enter each interaction with the goal of improving the girls, day or night or week or month then you will always be on the path to success.
This frame keeps you from being too needy, it relinquishes you from outcome dependence and it lets the girl see the value you have to offer.

Examples on how you leave interaction better than you found it

1. Give her an emotional experience (happy, sad, angry, curiosity)
2. I usually give advice, sometimes I have ruined friendships if I see that she is getting walked all over
3. If they tell you to fuck off and genuially mean it - "it was nice meeting you have a good night"

these are some easy ways. Essentially it's just a mindest to have. IF you really enter set believing this the rest will follow