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How to implement routines


Staff member
Sep 6, 2019
How to implement routines (Chess vs Chinese checkers)

I started to see routines less as chess and more as chinese checkers.

To understand why routines work, you have to understand the concept of compliance ladders. Basically, each step in the routine is designed to create a little bit more compliance each time. This allows you to calibrate to small changes in a girl's compliance level over time.

When I first started running routines, I would run them one step at a time, with some bullshit in between. In other words, I was making chess moves. I quickly realized that they were playing Chinese Checkers.

In other words, after each step in the routine, you survey the board and see not only what the best single move is, but what the best series of moves are. If you have a lot of compliance with the initial steps of the routine, you can blitz through the rest and knock your opponent off the board entirely...so to speak.

Example (Type Routine):

You: I bet you like very dominant guys

Her: (extremely high compliance ie she shows visible shock on her face that you read her so well)

If you are playing chess, you would take the next step (I bet you like your hair pulled). If you are playing chinese checkers, given such a high level of initial compliance, the best move is actually to run the board (Yeah...I bet you LOVE getting your hair pulled, choked and spanked).

This is a really subtle nuance but I've had sets where given a high initial compliance, if I ran the routine at a normal pace, the girl would actually get bored and the sexual tension would begin to dissipate. The next time I was in this situation, I blitzed through the routine and went from "I bet you like really dominant guys" to pull in under two minutes. For her, since she was a married woman, if I waited longer it would have actually hurt my chances.

Practically speaking, I believe the best way to learn routines is to practice the same ones over and over, and learn to read the compliance levels at each step. Then start taking more risks and try and take bigger leaps. You risk blowing the set out, but it's worth it to calibrate your sense of compliance quickly.