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Get a girl to escalate on you


Staff member
Sep 6, 2019
Here's the compliance ladder I use every time to transition from a platonic conversation into her escalating on me, and it's so ridiculously consistent. I don't wanna hype this shit up, but FUCK it's good. Try it out for yourself!

(You will always get the same responses, by the way. This is why I really enjoy having OPTIMIZED routines in the back of my head, in case I can't come up with something on the spot.)

Step 1. Randomly, out of the blue, tell her "Stop looking at me like that!"

She will ask "What do you mean?"

Step 2. Tell her "Stop staring at my fucking lips!"

She will say "I'm not!!"

Step 3. Tell her "Look, I'm flattered. I actually kinda like it. But let's take things slow, ok?"

She will respond with silence.

At this point, we've seeded the IDEA of us kissing in her mind.

We've also disqualified and framed her as the "sexual aggressor".

She will also start looking at your lips now, for real. It's sort of "don't think of a pink elephant". She will start triangular gazing you and sexual tension will be inevitable.

Step 4. Start leaning in & out like a pendulum. Every time you lean in, you're giving her a window of opportunity to escalate on you (sounds familiar?)

Eventually, she will take the bait and escalate on you.

If she doesn't, it's fine. Go ahead and kiss her. It's still framed as HER idea (if this doesn't make sense, you're being too logical. Fuck logic.)

After this, you can really lead it anywhere you want.

Here's where I usually lead it:

Step 5 (optional): Grab her hair in a fist, pull it straight downward to expose her neck, kiss her neck, tell her "not here, not in public" and then seed the pull.

This entire thing usually takes 2-3 minutes after step 1. How long does it usually take you to get to this stage in the interaction?