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Game structure


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Sep 6, 2019
If she already sees you as high value, then doing this will be solid

1. Make her see you as high value

2. Make her qualify

3. Sexualize

4. Get one or more objections

5. Handle objection(s)

6. Pull and close

Note :
The earlier you can get the objections out of her, the better. But preferably after she has qualified and is chasing because the dynamic will be more in your favor and more likely to overcome them

"Comfort" is the wrong word to use. Because you don't actually want her to feel comfortable.

Comfortable = BORING.

You want her to feel nervous and a bit of anxiety because she's about to get dicked down by a guy she finds extremely attractive.

You don't want her to feel comfortable. You want her to be clear from objections and limiting beliefs. Emotionally, she should not feel comfortable but she should feel a TON of anticipation and sexual tension.

In case she doesn't see you as high value use
Intro >> screen >>DHV >> sexualization >> objection handling (if needed) >> babystepping pull

Open -> Transition -> Lock in -> Build Attraction -> Isolate -> Seed Pull -> Compliance/Investment -> Comfort Sex -> Pull -> Close

Underlying principles
Campsite Rule Push/Pull Sexualise Prize Frame

Open -> screen logistics -> build attraction -> Instadate /pull/ number close
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Staff member
Sep 6, 2019
1. I’m thinking how can I emotionally impact her from the start.

Most of the work is through your tonality and subcomms. If you’re dull and emotionless it’s most likely no matter what words you use won’t matter.

Like being charismatically curious about something. No matter the question she’s going to be all in her head about why you’re asking and what does that mean about her and how others perceive her. They are their own favorite subject.

I’ve opened with by telling them a rat just ran across their foot. Give them a spike of emotion and continuing on away from that topic into gaming her. The rat isn’t the topic, just a way to spike emotions quickly. Not that I run around screaming rat, but you get the idea.

Curiosity and open loops keep them there and emotionally invested.

2. That could turn all the friends against you. Putting you in a hole that you can’t get out if not skilled enough. Depending on how you deliver it.
But you could say it so she hears it, but you don’t allow a response from the others. You continue talking and moving it forward.

The group has moved on because you’re leading the interaction but the girl you’re talking about is likely still thinking about what you said and may adjust accordingly.

I very often say or do things so it has a subtle or subconscious effect. I don’t wait for a response. Often this is far more impactful.

3. Good first impression. An emotional impact. Curiosity. Anything to get them interested. Listening. Staying there long enough.

Then I think DHV whole she’s still there.

Are the DHVs working? No? What does she value?

It worked? Get her to qualify. Or sit back and let the DHV do some work for you.

Now sexualize.

Sexual DHV.

Is it effective? Is she compliant?

Get her to qualify sexually.

Soft close. Give her bait to chase or close you.

Is she taking the bait or chasing? Or is there a sign that if I pushed harder with the baits and DHVs, would she chase more? If yes, continue. Finding the edge as to not take it too far so it doesn’t blows up the interaction. But gives her the most material to chase to the max.

Let her close you. If she won’t, go for close.

Attentively pay attention to any potential concerns to handle.

Handle them. At this stage it’s just concern handling and moving forward as much as possible.
Forgot to add screening and finding out about any potential cockblocks.


Staff member
Sep 6, 2019
Helpful things in game

- Introduce rewarding/punishing
- Introduce ompliance loops
- Start pre-empting objections
- Introduce prizing frames
- Start applying hoop theory
- Introduce Yoda Sequence
- Start opening indirect
- Start applying Group Theory
- Learning how to ACTUALLY frame control
- Introduce disqualification
- Introduce roleplays
- IOI/IOD calibrators

- Curiosity
- Open loops
- Hardcore sexualization
- Sexual hoop progression
- Positive reframes
- Positive assumptions
- Leverage guilt
- Explicit DHV with emotional calibrators
- Reading limbic responses
- Baiting
- Profiling
- Sexualizing with implicit authority (sexual authority frame)
- Hardcore sexual DQ
- Anti cockblock framing
- Tonalities
- Pacing & Leading (work in progress, testing)
- Matching & Mirroring (work in progress, testing)
- Looping for objections (work in progress, testing)