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DHVing early


Staff member
Sep 6, 2019
Try to DHV (demonstration of higher value) sexually asap in every interaction as much as possible. I want sex. I want it asap. So naturally the best DHV will be sexual. DHVing your money isn't usually the best DHV. Because women will often withhold sex until they get money from you... or just enough money PLUS investment / commitment.
They want to obtain your value (which is money here)

Now if your value is incredible sex, dominance, 30 oral orgasms, sexual openness and understanding, etc... well, when they obtain your value what is it they get? Sex!

When I use other DHV's like my work, my traveling, my lifestyle, etc... it is used as an open loop. I use it as part of a curiosity routine. There's perceived possible VERY high value (usually higher than it really is... I may be very famous and want to keep that hidden) -- but what is more effective is the curiosity angle of it. The open looping. It's a deadly combo.

Preselection is the next best DHV. You can go from no attraction to curiosity or instant attraction. I lived this when I went from no gf and being fat to having a hot blonde 19 year old gf and being fatter. I got lays from being with her during and several months after breaking up. There are some girls I can still bang years later just because of preselection stemming from being with my ex.
I have shown pics and vids of girls I've banged (many are nudes) to girls I've just met (in some cases within 10 mins) and I can see the drastic change in their behavior toward me. It went from no interest (or mild disgust even) to curious or totally wanting to fuck me.

You asked about an example about DHVing in a response to something a girl said...

If you have some responses you want to post, i'll try to create a DHV reply...


A very simple example is:

"So are you free on Tuesday?"

"Tuesday I actually have to meet up with some fans 怀 But I can probably do Friday night!"


"Why did you break up with your last gf?"

"I really liked her! We had an amazing relationship. But she was a bit... needy. She wanted 10-15 oral orgasms everyday for like 6 months... It was so much šŸ˜­"


"So are you from Sweden?"

"It's complicated. I'm Swedish but my business is based in Sydney, but most of my clients live in Vegas. So I am constantly flying across the world with the occasional stop in Bali for a little break. Have you been to Sweden?"