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Sep 6, 2019
What You MUST Know Before Paying For A Professional Dating Photoshoot

Today I want to reveal the cold hard truth about online dating photoshoots you’ll absolutely hate to hear.

If you are someone who is looking to hire a professional dating photographer because you think it will magically turn you into a Tinder god overnight, I hate to break it to you but that is never going to happen.

After working with 100+ clients and observing their online dating results, I can tell you with 100% conviction that...

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t pay for a pro dating photoshoot at all. In fact, I think everyone should consider getting a pro photoshoot done. And there’s not many other better investments you can make for your dating life.

I’ll explain what I mean in a second. Before I do. Let’s imagine a scenario that’s less personal and doesn’t involve any ego.

Say you are on amazon looking to purchase a product. You type in the search term and all the product listings come up. Now naturally you have to narrow the listings down and purchase the best product available.

What would that decision making process look like?

Personally, I’d immediately eliminate all the listings that have crappy product photos. These listing wouldn’t even get any of my attention. Now, you are left with a hand of listings. These are probably the best sellers, they all have very professional product photos. But again, you only have the need and wallet for one. How would you choose which one to buy?

Would you choose the one with the best product images or would you carefully read and compare their features?

Yes exactly.

Good product photography helps to sell products, but ultimately people spend their money on the best products not the ones with the best product images.

This is exactly the same process people on dating apps use to decide who they will go on a date with.

You must understand that professional dating photos will absolutely help you get more dates, but ultimately you are the product on the sexual market.

If the product isn’t good, no one in their right mind would buy the product just because the photos are good.

And this is why I can shoot two different clients and they will have different levels of success after their photoshoots.

One client may get 200 matches after his first week, the other may only get 50 matches.

It’s two entirely different products and how well they sell will be determined by the market.

You need to understand that paying for a really good product photographer will not magically solve all your problems and make you into the number one seller. It’s impossible and anyone who promises you that is full of shit.

However, I’ve developed a deep understanding of what the market wants and become really good at making the product look as good as possible. Not only I can help you get the best results that’s realistically available to you right now, I can also provide you with some easy and instant fixes you can apply right way to make yourself into a more appealing product to the product. All in one afternoon.

To sum it up. Do not book a pro dating photoshoot and expect to become Brad Pitt overnight. But if you are currently active on dating apps and want to instantly boost your online dating success, you should definitely hire someone for a pro shoot.

Hit me up if you have any questions related to online dating photoshoots! I’ll be more than happy to share what I know!

PS. Your sexual market value is not fixed and with hard work and dedication it can be massively improved. In future posts I’ll talk about how to do exactly that.

How To Portray A VIP Lifestyle On Your Tinder Photos Without Spending Money

In the previous posts we’ve discussed about some common mistakes that are destroying your online dating success. If you’ve been following the posts and applying the tips, you should be able to make yourself look as sexy as possible on your photos. But unfortunately having good looks just isn’t gonna cut it as there are tons of sexy dudes on the apps. How do we take our dating photos to an EPIC level and stand out from competitions?

Easy, in addition to looking sexy, we are going to catfish our way into looking like Christian Grey (A VIP who is wealthy, powerful and resourceful), without spending a single dollar.

How do we do that? Short answer: dress like VIP, take photos at places where VIPs hang out. Congrats , now you look like a VIP.

Let me elaborate. In every city, there are 5 star hotels, expensive restaurants/lounges and luxury shopping districts. This is where a lot of VIPs hang out. Conveniently, all these places are relatively accessible to the public.

Get what I’m hinting at??

Dress like a VIP, exhibit high status behaviours (if you don’t know how read my posts on fashion and non-verbal communication) and use these places as your dating photo backgrounds.

BUT, before you rush to those places for your tinder photos, there are some dos and don’ts you MUST follow. Otherwise you will be kicked out before you know it and ruin this hack for everyone else.

Dos and Don’ts

Do check out the places by yourself prior to the shoot and figure out which part of the venue is accessible, fancy looking and not watched extensively by staff (Most places will have issues with you taking photos with a professional camera without permission).

Do avoid being obnoxious and getting unwanted attention from others. Low key and stealthy is the way to go. But at the same time don’t stress yourself out and look nervous on your photos.

Do spend some money at the places where you take photos at. Sometimes just a drink or snack will do. This will reduce the chances of you getting kicked out or banned dramatically even if the staff see you taking DSLR photos.

Don’t spend too much time taking photos there, get in and get out as fast as possible.

Don’t use a high power camera flash and get caught by staff.

Don’t act like you don’t belong there, just chill and look entitled.

Don’t argue with staff if they ask you to leave. Apologize and leave.

Overall this is pretty simple, but it’s up to you to do the homework and find good places in your city. Try this hack out, you’ll thank me later.