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The biggest myth about women and Loyality


Staff member
Sep 6, 2019
The biggest myth in the manosphere today: “Women aren’t loyal”

The biggest myth in mainstream society today: “Women are loyal”

Both are myths. Misconceptions. Total, fucking LIES.

Lies to make you believe in a bigger picture narrative that they need you to believe.

They need you to believe this in order to assert control over you, to confirm their own belief systems, and to SELL you a certain lifestyle/ideology/product/etc.

You have to understand what ideas actually are...

They are real, living entities.

They spread and take over brains.

Your actions aren’t only a result of your psychological makeup but more so a result of what ideas, or memes, are currently running your brain.

They give you a certain filter, just like the filter a photographer uses to change the perception of a photo.

And ideas, like all living entities, want three things:

1. To survive (creates in-group our-group bias among other fallacies)
2. To get validated (creates confirmation bias etc)
3. To spread (thanks to social proof bias and other biases they spread like wildfire)

But understand this: It’s not out of malicious intent that most people further their memes even though they’re blatant lies.

It’s with the very best of intentions: The memes have taken over their brains and made them BELIEVE that this isn’t just the truth but it’s also in YOUR best interest to believe in it too.

Just like crusaders back in the day.

But these days crusaders come in the form of ideology, not religion. This is due to a secular society.

So what’s the actual truth about female loyalty, female infidelity & female hypergamy?

It’s dark, confronting, but ultimately very honest and trustworthy.

If you take good care of a pit bull but don’t train it. Can you trust it?


If you treat it like shit and train it, can you trust it?

No. But initially It’ll be submissive.

(Though resentful and you risk getting attacked eventually.)

Does this make pit bulls horrible dogs, that “want” to be treated like shit because they only stay submissive to assholes but EVEN THEN they may turn against their owner?


It means you are failing as a dog owner by looking at dogs through a binary filter: “Be nice or be an asshole.”

There’s a third option.

Strong. Firm. Assertive.


Loving. Caring. Warm.


Let me tell you a very interesting story.

Years ago a met gorgeous young lady. Very, very, attractive. Small waist, big ass, big natural tits, and an amazingly perfect face. Like, ridiculous. If it wasn’t because she’s 5”2’ she could’ve easily done international modeling.

However, she was also super intelligent making hundreds of thousands a years by hardly even putting in that much effort into her career. And it wasn’t due to looks, it was due to just CRUSHING IT in her career.

Add to this very wealthy parents and a natural charisma.

She’s one of these people who’ve just been “blessed”. Naturally happy and content with life on top of it all.

Just insane what a genetic lottery winner she is.

She also had a dog. One of these rich people dogs with a great temperament. Pedigree dog.

She more or less broke it to her ex that she’d met someone new (me) over text. Brutal.

He was a young, good-looking multi multi multi millionaire (the heir of a GIANT company).

She had cheated on other in the past too.

And she held absolutely zero guilt or shame about it all.

She also notoriously started new relationships before the current one was officially over (aka she didn’t ditch current bf until she’d found the new one).

On top of all of this, ALL of them had been good looking, successful and fairly “alpha”, dominant guys. The cream of the crop type dudes.

And, of course, she had been running the show with an iron fist in ALL those relationships.

I don’t even have to paint the picture for you, you know what this looks like already. Alpha female, witty, hot as fuck, popular, successful, has her own money, etc. And fully running the show in these relationships.

Enter me.

The moment I meet her dog I instantly knew everything that I hadn’t already figure out about her...

The dog, despite being very easily trained, was barky, didn’t know ANY commands, followed her like her shadow, etc.

It had ZERO training. Zero leadership. And not all that much attention or exercise either.

Fast forward two weeks.

Dog is following me like I’ve been his owner his entire life. If I leave the room and she stays the dog comes with me even if I don’t call it.

She is asking if it’s okay to play certain music. What I want for dinner. And giving me massages and just all around taking care of me 24/7.

All whilst bragging to her friends about me. Unlike her exes where they’d all make little jokes about how cute it is when they put her on a pedestal.

When I meet her friends they all talk about how nice it just be to go on night walks with me because they would love to do that but they don’t trust their boyfriends to be able to protect them.

She giggles and squeezes me even tighter, always hugging me and snuggling up to me. Even around people despite her being anti public displays of affection due to her upbringing.

I ended it with her a couple years later.

During those years she would say, over and over again, “I can’t believe I’m okay with this” and “I’ve never allowed myself to accept this kind of behavior”, etc etc.

After we broke up she got legit depressed and didn’t leave the house for weeks really.

It took her a while to even be able to find a rebound fuck, and half a year to find someone to properly date.

And let me just address the potential concern that I may just not “know” the truth, and maybe she both cheated and monkey branched:

After well over a decade of not just understanding female psychology & behavior but also analyzing body language I can tell with insane accuracy if I’m being lied to or deceived by strangers.

Let alone someone I’ve been with for years and know every single thing about.

Friends of mine saw her break down and they saw her while we were together and they’ve never really seen a female be that into a guy.

In other words: I had her total loyalty, devotion, affection.

She even did things with/for me that she would never do in a million years for a man, under normal circumstances.

Compare this to her previous relationships.

She calls the shot. She breaks up after finding someone better. Often cheated. And on top of that they were probably “better on paper” than me.

Why did I get such a unique treatment?

Why was *I* the one being put on a pedestal?

And why did it last for as long as *I* wanted?

Here’s the thing guys:

My super alpha, bad boy, criminal friends also get put on a pedestal by their women.

They also get unique treatment.


All except three of them also end up getting cheated on as well.

What’s the difference between those three and me, compared to all my other “natural” friends?

It’s because we don’t see it as binary choice between being loving and assertive.

Let me tell you about the most gangster motherfucker I’ve ever met:

Swedish national team in boxing. Was gonna go to the Olympics.

6”4’. Jacked and absolutely shredded. Ended up in the Légion étrangère, or the French Foreign Legion. But got kicked out for being too violent.

He also single handed my beat up three cops and he rode with multiple of the most famous Swedish bangers and MC gang leaders.

When I went to the club with him you saw the bouncers instantly starting to speak on the radio as we approach the club.

The dude is just terrifying, even to a team of bouncers. One of the hardest reputations in the entire criminal underworld in my city.

But, he is also the MOST loving and caring dude I’d met at that time of my life.

He did volunteering work at a homeless shelter, he would have pointless chats with old people in the park, he let me stay at his place when I was homeless for a brief period, and was super polite to everyone all the time.

And when he had a girl he would be insanely affectionate, loving, caring.

Absolute sweetheart.


He’s also fuck the living hell out of these girls, and if they crossed a boundary he’d make sure they NEVER dared do it again.

And when it comes to other dudes, there are stories I can share and stories I can’t share. Just to paint the picture for you.

Absolute fucking gangster in every sense of the word.

And a total sweetheart who practice Falun Gong, which is like T’ai Chi, but whilst meditating on love.

And this is one of my biggest mentors. He and his two best friends had all banged over a thousand chicks by their mid 20s, and I met them when they were in their early 40s (they were like my big brothers/uncles).

And even though guys in their circles usually did do very well with women, no one compared to these three.

And that’s what shaped me into understanding what I now understand about women.

They want a man who’s dangerous AS FUCK.

But not harmful or malicious.

A loving and deeply caring MAN, who can protect her with absolute easy, but also won’t tolerate any second-grade behavior from her at any time.

So that’s how I act in my relationships, and to me women are the sweetest and most loyal little creatures you could ever imagine.

And when I break up with them I have to comfort them and literally COACH THEM through the heartbreak and help them find someone new to get over me.

Just like my mentor had to.

Now, I don’t shoot people, smuggle guns, or move kilos of cocaine.

But I carry myself with total assertiveness, decisiveness and boldness.

And, which matters, I’m also a 215 lbs trainer MMA fighter. If shit were to go down I’ll happily throw down.

However I don’t pick fights. And I never walk around being bravado or trying to come off arrogant.

In fact, I’m extremely polite and nice to people all the time.

But I also express myself freely and I LOVE to bust people’s balls.

I’m a bit of an asshole, and carry a very grounded energy, but I also give off vibes of being very loving and kind.

And this, my friends, is CRACK to women.

And not only does it attract them, but it makes them want to stay loyal to you through thick and thin.

This way they DONT monkey branch.

They DONT look for the next level up.

And the DONT cheat on you.

And then you mix this way of being with some high level communication strategies, and fully owning your sexuality, and you have total abundance among women. YOU are now being put on a pedestal.

And yes, I totally just compared women to dog training.