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Textgame - Ultimate Reopener


Staff member
Sep 6, 2019
The Ultimate Reopening Mega-routine™

Before we start:

1) Leads die. It is a sad reality of life. Most guys do one of two things when this happen: delete the girl’s number and totally move on (not bad), or start to pester the girl so much that she either blocks him or makes a lifelong vow never to go out with him. In either case you are losing out on the girl (yes yes, she is losing out on you as well, I’m not saying put her on a pedestal, but you objectively are not closing her). I personally keep their number but simply stop messaging them. I always wanted to reopen but I didn’t want it to be more of the same as before, so I just didn’t do anything about it. Until..

2) This is a mega-routine. Idk if there is such a word, but The Ultimate Reopener™ feeds well into a nice little DHV routine. You can also combine this with The Ultimate Online Buyer’s Frame™ for a killer effect: The Ultimate Reopener™ is designed to stir curiosity, the DHV routine helps you shape that curiosity into value, and you can use The Ultimate Online Buyer’s Frame™ to leverage that value and get her chasing hard. The combination of all three is what I call The Ultimate Reopener Mega-routine™

3) As amazing as this is, it is not a cure for horrible game. It is great to mass use once every 4 months or so on 50 dead leads (you should have this much or much more if you game with regularity) and you will probably get a small percentage back. That is quite a few girls you wouldn’t have fucked otherwise so I think it’s an amazing tool to have in your back pocket.

4) Please do not share this outside of the MM group. I personally don’t give a fuck; I live in a country where like 7 other people game (and maybe 1 take solid action, and that’s my mentee) but for those of you living in USA/ Europe, you don’t want this to get burned of overused (had I been living in, say, California, I might’ve not shared this). So please, keep it for yourselves. Your friends can game just fine without this.

Without further ado:

This post is sponsored by the adorableness of Stefan Vrecic, built on the open looping antics of Markus Wolf, and is hoped to be accepted by Ciel HK as a substitute for sacrifice of a lamb in order to bring him fortune in rebuilding his Youtube empire.

Aaaaaand NOOOOOW!

Sex writers, pussy eating champions, dominant men, wine lovers and romantic balcony owners from all around the world,

This is the moment YOU have all been waiting for.


The Reopener so powerful it will compel her to find out everything about you (including your size),

The DHV so slick it makes Drake insecure,

The Buyer’s Frame so elegantly placed it will make her feel like a used 2012 KIA Picanto,

The combination of them all so subtle even YOU would think it “just happened”,

I present to you…..

The Ultimate Reopening Mega-routine™

Part 1: The Ultimate Reopener™
Execution + explanation:

You will need at least semi decent text game.

Use this as a reopener on a lead that has been dead for a long time. Ideally 3+ months, but 5+ would be even better. DO NOT use this to reengage a girl you last talked to a week ago. Even girls with no contact for 1-2 months I would not use this with.

For more punch, use this on Sunday at around 6 am. If you aren’t typically awake at that time (and you probably shouldn’t be), no problem: prepare a list of girls the day before, and write your message. Set your alarm for 6:09 am and mass send the text to all of the girls. Go back to sleep and continue the conversation when you wake up.

The Ultimate Reopener™ has two parts. Here they are in a chat form.

You: **Link to Facebook secret group post** (check what this is in point 1 in breakdown)

You: Yo Judy! this is the link to the guide I wrote you were curious about. Please don’t share out of the group tho 😗

Her: *when she wakes up* ummm I don’t think this is for me

You: oh shit haha ya this was meant for my friend Judy. good thing it’s on a secret fb group. Anyways how’ve you been?

And you’re in.

Let me break down what this does:

1) The link: you need a broken link to something which you can easily explain. Easy: Just take the link of a post from the mastermind group (make sure to open a POST and not the group), and send it to her. Voila, she gets a broken link. Test this first by sending to a friend and seeing what they get. You then tell her it’s a secret group, but you don’t need to go any further to keep the mystery.

2) Subtlety and credibility: As you might’ve noticed, I thought of going to great lengths to make this subtle. This is sent at 6 am on Sunday, which is the morning after a Saturday night; not a time when most people who are still up are going to be fully conscious. So, it’s easy for you to frame the whole thing as an accident in your second message. You can also do a few other things to help. One thing would be to you can include some words she doesn’t understand. For example, if she’s not arab I could throw in a few words in Arabic, adding a layer of credibility. The only thing I am unsure of here is “good thing it’s on a secret fb group” in the second message. this is meant to trigger her to ask about it but I feel it takes away from the credibility of the story; makes it a bit more obvious. I might remove that part. In any case, Part 2 of the mega-routine provides even more credibility.

3) Preselection: this message was meant for a girl. Who was curious about a guide you wrote. And you discussed with her at 6 am. Hmmmmmmmm.

4) Open loop: you are talking about something in a secret group. And something your friend is curious about. and something discussed on Saturday night. It sounds very juicy. You achieved a sense of mystery and intrigue: what is this guide that you’ve written on a secret group? Even if she does not chase to know what this is, she will definitely still be curious about it.

Parting note: do NOT disclose what this guide is about. You will need it later on.

Part 2: Lindberg’s DHV routine


Metin posted a chat and Lindberg gave him a few lines. Nothing fancy, but it plays as a great continuation for Part 1.

Execution + explanation

If she chases and tries to find out about the guide, tease her a little, then bait her into asking you “what’s up” or something similar. If she doesn’t she’ll probably answer your “how’ve you been” and return the question to you. to which you answer:

You: I am extremely hungover. Last night was the craziest day of my life, you?

Her: what happened?

You: I went out with my friends from the modeling agency to *fancy club*. Amazing time. The guys were going crazy and the girls were drinking and having fun. Then some things happened, not sure if I should tell you

Her: omg haha what happened.

You: idk I probably shouldn’t tell you… like are you open minded?

Her: yes I am! Tell me haha I won’t judge.

You: I ended up having a threesome with one of the girls from the agency and a calendar model who came to our table and asked me for a lighter. It went for 3 hours, until like 5:00 am, they were being very demanding!

Her: oh that’s.. haha idk it sounds cool blabla

You: yeah so back at my place Judy asked me about my guide, and I accidentally sent it to you

Her: what is the guide about?

Let’s break down what’s happening here:

1) Credibility: this connects so well with part 1. She knows you were up at 6am because you were having sex until 5am.

2) Massive DHVs: these include: having crazy days, being in a modeling agency, fucking a model friend, having a calendar model approach you (and fucking her), having a threesome, girls being demanding with you.

3) Open loop: Creating even MORE curiosity about the guide. It’s very likely something kinky/ naughty and since you threw in massive DHVs beforehand, she will be curious about it. And now you can move to the third and last part of this mega-routine.

Part 3: The Ultimate Online Buyer’s Frame

You will have to get her to qualify once or twice more and maybe say something framing yourself as a buyer once. And then you use the lines from that routine, with a little modification:

You: “Oh fuck yeah, so you’re actually clever, you get +2 for that. 8 more points needed for the surprise”

Her: “surprise?? What is the surprise???”

You: *with a silly smirk on your face, your dick smelling a new customer* “the topic of my guide of course! You have 2/10 points, I have faith that you can get there”

Her: “omg! How to I win more points?”

You: *throw in another qualifier*


There isn’t much left to break down. It is all well described in The Ultimate Online Buyer’s Frame™ article. The little change we did was telling her what the surprise is about instead of just not saying what it is, thus making the 3 routines all seamlessly tied together in a subtle way.

After this point, you set the date under the same circumstances, and act on the date the same way. Once it’s time to reveal what the guide is about, you tell her it’s a guide about how your famous world class booty massage. And similar to the original version, you can schedule the second date by telling her you will give a sample. If she asks for the ACTUAL guide, say you will share it with her after you give her the massage. On the second date, give her the booty massage (and fuck her again) and if she still asks for the guide (I highly doubt she’d care at this point) then you will have to write a nice guide and send her one. But I don’t think it’ll be necessary.