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Question about Being Alpha


New member
Apr 12, 2021
Hi everyone, I have a question about a situation that happend to me recently. I was going on a walk with my girlfriend. We've been together for 10 months now.
During the walk an old wingman of mine passed by and saluted me. I then stopped and introduce my gf to him. This buddy of mine is extremely goodlooking, tall and confident so he smirked to my gf and she reacted pretty good with strong eye contact and so on. Since I have the mindset of being an alpha I said to my gf that if she wants to she can stay and I will go home to solve some things for my university. I also said to her that this is a good guy from whom I learned a lot in the past. So she can stay longer for a bit if she wants to. That was my reaction to her behaviour as I wanted to be alpha. Now this was also to see if she will stay or walk away home with me. The thing is she said fine, I stay here.
Now my question is if I behaved correctly or should I have been agressiveley to the guy and said we are busy even though he acted friendly and my girl was really interested in him. What was the right way to get away from this situation without being seen as low value?


Staff member
Sep 6, 2019
This can be seen from different point of views. Your subcommunication is an extremely important factor. A girl can sense if you are being genuine and non reactive to her or just pretending. So by saying that she can stay longer while you have better things to do, she might have seen you as buthurt. From what you wrote you also seem to have been giving a lot of value to your wing. The girl might have seen him as higher value than you even though you wanted to convey alpha traits. In your situation I would have been acting as it's not a big deal and also taking the lead by showing to the guy that it's your girl. For example taking her by the hand and leading her from one spot to another within the interaction. A good example is when people are passing by. In the end it was your decision to leave the girl there with the other guy. My advice is to be more confident and the girl will only have eyes for you.