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Pulling Swedish Girl with boyfriend


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Sep 6, 2019
** Pulling Swedish Soldier w/ Boyfriend - My Personal Morning After Notes (Absolutely FLAWLESS game... was not at all flawless) **

This one REALLY fucking annoyed me despite fucking her and seemingly spitting FLAWLESS game that also helped my wing fuck as well.

So I always do "interviews" with girls I sleep with right after sex (the best time to do so). I know Markus Wolf does the same with every girl. Doing this has massively helped my game and helped me better understand women as well as myself.

I also write down some notes to help me remember or piece shit together the morning after. I sent a long one about this Swedish girl to a Facebook group chat between Markus, Alexander and me. Markus suggested that I actually post the notes with you guys as he thought it may provide some value or at least some questions / conversation. It’s incoherent ramblings for myself.

I am staying with my crew in Sydney for a couple of their bootcamps and likely until late February before traveling with them to Bangkok and their next bootcamps in USA.

So we roll up to the club. I'm always scoping out the place. Checking out where all the girls are. Reading body language. Observing. Gathering intel.

We see a couple of our PUA friends already in set with a group of Swedish girls in the smoking section. So we join. They introduce us to the girls. I identify one of the girls (my eventual pull) as the most DTF girl out of this group of 5+ish girls. I call Lindberg over and send him in to open her. I tell him she's an easy pull. I like to wing and help my friends fuck / pull first. It's part of the fun of game.

It goes well for a few minutes but he gets cockblocked by one of the friends. The cockblock throughout the night is dragging her around by the hand and preventing other men from chatting with her.

She's too compliant with the cockblock. We move on briefly. But I haven't taken her off my radar because I know she is the most DTF and pullable girl in that big set (this is what I thought).

Within the next hour or so I try to get back in with her 2-3 times (I hadn't even talked to her still as I sent in Lindberg when she was isolated) but almost immediately she is dragged away before I could get a word in.

I'm ultra aggressive this night. After spending months with the sweetest, most submissive women in Indonesia, it is a bit difficult to go from that to the biggest cunts in the world in Sydney. So I am naturally annoyed and aggressive with these women. It actually works well. I yell at one Finnish cockblock and tell her she's ugly, lonely and her friends hate her (yes, mean) -- Her friends surround me and hug me. They start opening me and telling me how they aren't like her friend. It was like an attraction trigger. Rather than defend their friend who I just berated for simply having a bitch-face, they distanced themselves from her completely & flirted with me. I’m thinking maybe this is how I need to game the girls here.

When I am this aggressive, I know I will pull. I get a message from a Brazilian that I was supposed to meet. I met her a week ago at this same club. She was hitting me up asking where I am. I am trying to hold her off a bit longer because I am still not done with the Swedish girl. I know I can pull her & I want the Brazilian to be my backup option. I will pull one of these girls.

After messaging the Brazilian I see the Swedish girl standing at a table by herself. Rare moment. The cockblock friend is actually busy cockblocking another friend.
I am thinking what is the best approach to take here. Because I know the cockblock will come back to cockblock within seconds or minutes of approaching.
So I walk up to her and apologize in the most timid, beta male tonality and body language I can muster. I tell her I have social anxiety and I am very bad with women. My friend are actually just trying to help me overcome my fears of women. I disarm her. She becomes very understanding and sweet. Gives me words of encouragement. I ask her for advice and tips (of course she gives the same advice all women give “just be yourself!”).

The cockblock sees us and runs over, grabs her hand to drag her away. I look at my girl in my sad, beta cuck face and ask why is she being so mean to me. She tells her friend that it’s okay, she is helping me with women. Her friend savagely said something like “well now it’s over good luck” -- my girl gets dragged away some feet saying sorry…
Nah fuck that. The aggression is back. That typical Sydney entitled cunty tonality and behavior annoys the fuck out of me.

I follow them a few feet. Stop the cockblock. I break my beta cuck acting. Break up their hand holding. Turn to my girl while the cockblock is bitching and tell her how her friend is cockblocking and how I am going to destroy her. I give her a step by step breakdown of what I am about to do. Thankfully Lindberg is now there to somewhat distract her.

My girl is a bit confused. I was this beta cuck and now I’ve switched. She is intrigued. She smiles and says okay. Her friend tries to grab her hand and I go full aggressive on her. I call her. I square up with her. I break her down. I go step by step exactly how I told my girl. The cockblock even brings her in to be on her side, but she’s so fucking amused she says “I am not getting in the middle of this” with an evil grin. Her cockblock friend is shocked.
She throws out that she has a boyfriend. I tell her I don’t give a fuck. I tell the cockblock she is too pretty and sweet to be behaving like this. Don’t be the friend that everyone hates to go out with. I validate her a bit. I tell her it’s okay to have fun. Nobody will judge her. She sees her friend standing by me. She’s not leaving me.

She then takes Lindberg by the fucking hand and pulls him. They go back to her place and fuck. Now I have my girl isolated.
I later found out that my girl was turned on by me aggressively disarming her cockblock friend as nobody else in the club was able to do it. She wasn’t even able to get rid of her. She’s impressed that I called out exactly how I was going to get rid of her friend. I tell her that I don’t have women issues. I lied. It was part of my game. She’s loving it. We spend the next hour talking about my job and game in general. It’s an hour of flawless game. DHV. Subtle sexual escalation / intent. Handling her boyfriend objections. Her friends possibly shaming her. I was even mean to her. Very aggressive. I remember telling her she’s taken it like a champ. “I’m tough” with a smile -- unusually composed. Something is up with her but whatever.

The pull was effortless. I just start walking out. She follows. I don’t seed anything. I don’t say anything. I just “lets go”. She runs into her bestfriend (not the original cockblock) while I am pulling. Her bestfriend found a guy there. And said goodbye to her friend leaving her with me. I use this later to show how her friend doesn’t give a shit what she does and how she won’t judge. I run into Markus as I pull her outside. I hop into the car and she simply follows.

“Where are we going?” -- Mark’s home.
“How far away is it?” -- 15-20 minutes.

The usual response should be “just a few minutes” -- But I was so forward with her all night, moving away from that at any point would just be risky and stupid. I want to be consistent.

I run the most flawless pussy eating and bf object routine of all time. No routine has been more flawless than this. My game throughout was absolutely perfect.

Except it was all a waste….. Most of it was not needed and not helpful. Beside the part where I berated and disarmed the cockblock. That was all I needed.
When I first saw her and had Lindberg open her, I noticed her and read her as a very DTF, easy pull girl. But I misread her. What I was actually sensing was her being a true submissive. I have a true sub radar that goes off. I am usually spot on. And had I read her correctly, it would have been the easiest, quickest pull… with no LMR.

I RARELY get LMR. I can count the times I’ve gotten it in the last 4 years. One thing I contribute my lack of LMR over the years is being able to read the girl and calibrate perfectly. This situation goes to show when I start off reading her archetype incorrectly, there are more issues and objections to overcome. It is totally not necessary to go through all that if you know her archetype. If you can read her as well as you possible can.
It was a unusual and stupid mistake.
And looking back she gave me lots of clues that I completely ignored. She doesn’t even like her pussy eating. The pussy eating routine was a waste of time. Like many true subs I’ve had, they aren’t turned on by pussy eating but instead sucking dick and getting facefucked. Watching me get very aggressive to her friend and not backing her, it was a demonstration of my dominance. And also my problem solving. I showed throughout traits of the dominant man she needs to be sexually satisfied. Which for true subs, are hard to come by. If I come across them, it’s a done deal. Even if she has a boyfriend. They cannot help themselves.

So we get back home. She’s standing around the living. Very composed. Chill. But just present. I’m in my room. She isn’t coming (typically girls get the hint and come in) -- after a few minutes I tell her to come now. She comes. I tell her to shut the down. She jumps up and closes the door. Every time I commanded her to do something, she did it. Every small thing. I really looked past these small things.

I run the booty massage routine. I left up her skirt. I tell her to hand me the massage oil next to the drawer. She hands me my SLUT paddle…. I tell her I want the oil. I feel like an idiot looking back. After a few mins of booty massage. It simple failed. She became more defiant. More bratty. Which has been unusual of her up until this point. It’s a hard no but not actual hard no. I totally misread her tonality. The tonality of a true sub trying to challenge me to dominate her and put her in her place.

I run Markus’ 21 day challenge routine where I tell her I cannot cum for 21 days. She’s somewhat interested. Talks up her dick sucking skills. Dirty talks a bit trying to make me hard. I try everything. I know this girl wants it. The boyfriend isn’t even relevant at this point. She becomes more and more obnoxious. Taunting me. Challenging me. She’s all of a sudden a bratty cunt.

I was beginning to regret not pulling the Brazilian girl that I was supposed to meet.
She taunts the fuck out of me about how I should have taken the Brazilian home instead so I instinctively grab her by the throat and pin her against the headboard. Her reaction is exactly like my former true sub exes. As she gasped for hair and her panties soaked, I realized everything I had done was a waste of time. My flawless game was not flawless. Not only was it a total waste of time, but I could have brought her to my Brazilian and pulled both together.

After sex she told me she hates pussy eating. Everything else didn’t matter. She just knew I was dominant sexually and subtle things demonstrated that and that’s the only reason she followed. Dominating her cockblock friend. Leading the pull. As she said “I only followed you to your car because you just led without saying anything and you knew exactly what you wanted”.

This was also a lesson to myself that sometimes just being confident, aggressive, dominant and just pulling is the best route to go. I get caught up with fancy game and routines sometimes that isn’t required in some sets. It’s sometimes a waste of time and energy.

Being able to read women and identify their archetype as soon as possible is such a massive advantage. To me that is fucking game. I knew I identified something. But got lazy and misread her. Otherwise this was a 15 min pull and zero LMR close.
The next several nights I need to avoid making the mistake of reading and identifying girls too quickly. Spend more time defining her archetype. But once I identify her archetype, I need to act far more aggressively and simply pull within 30 minutes.
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