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Pulling Russian girl with 1 lay count


Staff member
Sep 6, 2019
Pulling Russian girl with 1 laycount + solving Christians objection for him

1. Solving Christians objection - his girl needs to get up at 8am for meeting
I can see that his girl is giving him objections to pulling. I ask him what the objection is. He's saying that it's that she needs to get up at 8am for a meeting.
I think that's a smokescreen objection. I think the real objections are that she's 1. worried about being kicked out in the morning and 2. that he's too high value for her
So I decide to deal with all 3 of them at once:

"We both need to be up at 7 so you can only come under one condition... that Christian gets to cook you breakfast in the morning before you leave"

2. Pulling Russian girl - first approach of night

I asked her afterwards why she went home with me considering she has a 1 laycount - she used the words "trust" and "soulmate" to describe why.

I correctly assess her blueprint the first 10 seconds.
Russian... and needs to be gamed displaying more confidence, dominance and assertiveness. Whatever you wanna call it.
She didn't respond to me at all when I was sitting down casually. It had too weak of an impact. I needed to fully convince her. Like i had to swing all the way through. Otherwise she would not be convinced.
I had to stand up, square her up, hold intense eye contact and really intrude on her personal space. She would make a facial expression where she'd PRETEND to be creeped out, and almost disgusted. But I know that this was just a test so I didn't flinch and didn't pull back or release the tension whatsoever. In fact, I even stepped in closer. She became so attracted her eyes literally fucking rolled back.
Even though I made a terrible first impression (for her, at least), I managed to reverse that by correctly calibrating.
Seed the pull step 1: I screen out her logistics early - "In which area do you live?"

I tell her "My ex GF was from Russia."
She responds "Oh, so you've dated a Russian before?"
This is a bit subtle, but the fact that she asked that question gave me full permission to transition into my improvised variation of the type routine... Because she pretty much asked for it.
Type Routine variation + Cold Read: "Yes. She told me that Russian girls like guys who are very confident and dominant. Russian guys are definitely that. But the problem is that they might be... Too much of that. To the point where they become borderline aggressive or that you can't trust them".
I see that she reacts on the "trust them" part so I cold read that her boyfriend cheated on her, and I was right.
I also somewhere in the interaction cold read that she's inexperienced. She gets a bit unsure of how to respond because it's true. So I tell her "It's not necessarily a bad thing! I've dated many inexperienced girls and taught them what to do".
I could tell that this had a very big effect on her too.

A few minutes later, she points at a group of girls dancing "I'm not like these girls who have sex easy".
I know she said this just to preserve her value in a way, so I didn't challenge it.
Seed the pull step 2: "would your friend care if you left?"
"I don't know, I'll ask her"
This is such a good seed that I've recently started using because 1. It's hypothetical so you can backtrack a bit to deal with limiting beliefs and 2. She will use these words when she asks her friend! The friend must comply or will have a genuine negative framed imposed on her. It's different than if I set the frame on the friend. She does so by herself by not complying to the girl.
Seed the pull step 3: "Okay. You can come with me, but only if your friend is ok with it"....
I don't even leave her time to respond but immediately move onto next step
Seed the pull step 4: Fake confirm this with "... But we need to go 7 11 first because I'm thirsty"

"Okay I'll just tell my friend first"

I'm stacking tons and tons of assumptive closes so that she's likely to latch onto at least one of them. Something new I'm experimenting with.