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Pulling Canadian girl


Staff member
Sep 6, 2019
Pulling Canadian Girl
(Due to the amount of cold reading I did here, every 5th minute she would say "Omg I can't believe you read me like that... I've never been read like that before..."

Open with accurate cold read "are you Canadian?"
I've become so fucking good at guessing nationalities that I'm right 90% of the time when I cold read on the open.
"Yes! How did you know???"

"Ahh I fucking knew it… So obvious"
My standard response.

One of her friends is walking in front of us with a guy. She interrupts my interaction and tries to dominate it. I need to quickly pattern interrupt her / cut her off to regain control really quick or ill be blown out.

Make her qualify her friend to me.
"Hey hey hey *cut her off* I'm just really curious about something... How long have you guys known each other for?"
She responds, can't remember how long
"Ahh so you must be really good friends! So what do you think makes her a good friend for you?"
She has to qualify and sell her to me now
"Well she's friendly, so caring, trustworthy blablabla"
"That sounds amazing!! But can I trust her?"
"... What do you mean?? Of course you can trust her!! She's the best!"
"Ok I trust you so I'll trust her as well"
I'm also getting trust from the friend now, both because I framed it as 1. I have to trust her friend and 2. I trust her, so by the law of reciprocity, she should trust me as well.
The friends entire demeanor flipped 180 degrees from before this routine to after.

Screen out logistics quick, they're going to meet more friends.

I don't have much time and I know I'm not at a point where I can pull yet so time is best spent making a strong emotional impact so I can have a solid lead or spike her compliance enough to pull right now

I take a risk and just tell her "I get a vibe from you….."
She asks what. "I can tell that you're really really submissive"
She bursts out in awe, amazement and laughter "OH MY GOD HOW DID YOU KNOW THAT?"
"Girls like you always find me" - Frame her as chasing in a way that she can not disagree with
Most of the rest time is spent just befriending friends. It's not pullable because the friends are pressuring her too much and I dont have enough compliance to override them.
I give her a hug. She grabs my hand and we go to sit down on the sidewalk.
The way I seeded the pull was "Do you think your friends would mind if you left?" because I know the friends are gonna be the objection. So I want her to confirm the objection so that I know I'm accurate for sure.
She keeps giving me the friend objection for a while.
She tells me that "I'm really hot" but she's not going with me and she's staying with them.
The "you're really hot" made me thing that it could possibly be some form of perceived value gap... Which I didn't expect at first because IMO she was soo much hotter than me lol
I tell her "Look I'm gonna be honest with you. I like you but there's something you must know about me… I'm a cuddler. And you can only come with me if you're willing to cuddle. Otherwise I'm not interested. The cuddle is the main part for me, sex is just a bonus. Please don't judge me for this lol"
"Okay ill come but only cuddles" i agree to this lol
She goes, gives the keys to her friends and pull