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Prize Frame


Staff member
Sep 6, 2019
Make sure to always set positive frames for yourself.
This is a good example of how to subtly "prize frame" yourself.

The most common mistakes I see when guys attempt to "prize frame":

1. Framing it as a joke (which actually speaks volumes about the guy's mindset and beliefs about himself)
2. It's just too obvious.
Obvious prize frames only work on girls who are very attracted to you or girls who have bad game.
It can't be done in an obvious way this early on when you don't have that much compliance or value, because it'll simply trigger a frame battle where you're both desperately trying to wrestle for the "prize frame".
That very often ends up getting confrontational and blowing out the entire interaction. Because both the guys and the girl's egos get involved.
And even worse, many guys would've instinctively chased after her message. Simply because they're so used to chasing.

Let's break it down.

"Under one condition" - this is a subtle way of setting the frame that you're the one who's the prize.
It's basically saying "yes, this can happen if you manage to fulfill one of MY conditions."
She's naturally going to ask "Which one" because "Under one condition" is also an open loop. She's going to be curious about what the condition is.

"Which one" - she accepts the frame.
This is great because it opens up a golden opportunity for you to get her to qualify herself to you. She'll invest in the frame that she's chasing you.