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Sep 6, 2019
Reasoning behind structure:
The opener is very low compliance.
Low compliance = High success rate.
The goal is closing. Closing is the last step of the verbal pyramid. I want to go through the process of DHV - Making her Qualify - Sexualizing - Closing as quickly as possible.
The first part of the structure is DHV
If she perceives high value she's much more likely to qualify to you
The second part of the structure is Making her qualify
If she qualifies to you she's much more likely to be receptive to sexualization since the dynamic is in your favor.
The third part of the structure is sexualizing
If you've set a sexual frame you're more likely to close later and you'll also surface any potential obstacle for the close.
This removes any risk of LMR or BS like that.
The fourth part of the structure is closing
We've set up a dynamic that's perfect for closing now! Which is the end goal
I want to keep it as simple as possible & move the interaction forward as quickly as possible without compromising anything. I think this is pretty damn close.
The purpose of step 1 is to get to step 1.5
The purpose of step 1.5 is to get to step 2
The purpose of step 2 is to get to step 2.5
... and so on. You get the idea. It's all about gaining compliance to move one step further all the time.
Contingency plan for each hoop if non compliance. I’ve only included contingency plans for the hoops that get non compliance out in the real world.
This is only an overall framework. You still need to capitalize on every single random opportunity presented to
Make her qualify
Impose prize frame (frame her or other girls as chasing)
Convey sexual authority
Identify potential obstacles
If I think I can skip steps (for example skip Step 1 & 2 and move straight to Step 3 or 4), I will do so. With the Verbal Pyramid in mind.
If the interaction starts off with her showing IOI’s, there’s no need to DHV initially because she already perceives me as high value. I can skip right to step 3 (Making her qualify)
If the interaction starts off with her qualifying to me, I can skip right to step 5 (Sexualising)
I don’t want to go a notch down on the verbal pyramid unless there has been non-compliance. That’s taking a step back in setting up the dynamic.


1: Open - "Hey excuse me, are you from x?"
If yes: - "No way. My ex is also from there! She told me a lot of things about girls from x!"
1.5: Open loop - "Is it true what they say about girls from x?”
If withholding or not showing any signs of curiosity - bait it out. It doesn’t mean that it didn’t work. She may very well just be withholding it to not seem reactive. But for the purpose of moving forward with the structure, it’s worth trying to bait out this response. I have a couple of canned lines I use to manufacture the curious response. I just stack all of them and one will hook eventually. I've gotten a lot of inspiration for these lines from BuzzFeeds clickbait headlines (which are specifically designed to create curiosity).
Examples on how to bait the curious response:
Very subtly imply preselection [DHV] or trigger [emotional impact] on each bait attempt.
It's not necessarily a bad thing always! Some guys like it!
It's actually really crazy because every single girl from [x] does this thing and they're not even aware of it!
I actually never noticed it before it was pointed out to me and I could never unsee it ever again
All that I see when I meet girls from [x city] is this
It's so glaringly obvious once you know about it
Most girls from there are so insecure about it but it’s actually a really good thing!!
When they finally hook on the open loop - I wanna see if it's true first.
This provides justification (compliance trigger) for when you move onto Step 3 - Making her Qualify.

2: (Micro)isolate - capitalizing on the compliance from the Open Loop.
If very curious about open loop - you can isolate fully. [You have a lot of compliance]
If only moderately curious about open loop - micro isolate (simply face away so that you have full focus and away from distractions) [You have moderate amounts of compliance]

2.5: Locking in
Makes them more likely to qualify and chase

3: Making her qualify
This should be an overall theme throughout the entire interaction from this point and forward. But you can create that momentum easily and easily set positive commitment biases through the examples below.
Example: "How open minded are you from 1-10?”
Risk taking
Dick sucking skills (high compliance)
What's the craziest thing you've ever done? [Since you've already established high value in her eyes, she will want to impress you]
Stay away from qualifying traits such as:
Being logical
Being rational
Being smart

3.5: Start seeding the pull slowly. Do this by screening her logistics and just dropping where you live relative to her.
Where in [city] do you stay?
Ah that's so far! I live at [your location], [number of minutes] away from here!
4: Transition to sexualizing
Sexual compliance ladders - "What's the craziest thing you've ever done?"
If she gives a sexual reply to that question, tell a sexual story but be sure to outdo her.
If she gives a non-sexual reply to that question, go ahead with a sexual story of yourself regardless but preface it with "It's pretty explicit... you sure?"
This could mean that her compliance levels aren’t that high yet. You can increase them by going first (Reciprocity compliance trigger)
This could mean that she’s not sure how to respond to the question because you haven’t set a sexual frame yet - indicative of platonic subcoms.
5: Sexual Compliance Ladder
The purpose of step 5:
Set sexual frame
Screen out sexual preferences so that you can give the perfect value proposition by picking the right angle when attempting the pull.
Pay close attention to body language/facial expression/tonality to which one of these hoops you get the strongest response from. That is the angle that you’re going to use later when pulling.
You can do these hoops in form of either a question or a cold read. In the examples below I've done it in form of a cold read. This allows you to move it forward slightly faster but I've experienced that it's higher risk, higher reward.
5.1 "I get a vibe from you..."
- You're really submissive
If compliance - Reward + Next hoop [5.2]
If non-compliance
No I’m not = - [LCT] Obviously not for any guy but for the right guy.
Why do you think that? I can tell from miles away and I can see it in your body language. It’s so obvious.
When compliance - Reward + Next hoop [5.2]
5.2 - You love having your hair pulled
If compliance - Reward + Next hoop [5.3]
If non-compliance - [LCT] By the right guy of course.
5.3 - You love to be choked
If compliance - Reward + Assume pull
Example: Perfect. We're gonna have so much fucking fun later [Segueway into Step 6]
If neutral
Most likely a variation of "I don't know, I've never had it" = "I can tell you'd really love it."
When compliance - do the same as [If compliance] right above.
If non-compliance - [LCT] By the right guy of course.
This will trigger a yes-response.
Reward that yes-response + Assume pull just like above.
Do you like oral?
If Yes = Perfect because I have a rule…
I’ll reveal this routine in the next audio breakdown
If No (rare) = How come?
Most common by far: She doesn’t usually cum from oral = I know most guys are really bad at it. I guarantee that I’m going to make you cum at least 3-4 times. [Assuming the close - seguewaying into Step 6]
6: Pull
The way I go about this will be depending on what obstacles, which sexual hoop she responded the strongest to (angle for maximal value proposition) and her perception of me.

At this point there are usually only two possible obstacles:

If I'm too high value - cuddle routine
If there are friends - Compliance & framing ladder:
"How do you know your friends?"
"Ah so you're really good friends then!"
"So they're not gonna get all weird when we leave together?"