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Staff member
Sep 6, 2019
Screening for compliance:

Just arriving to the venue? Low probability set (because they're not bored of the place yet)
2 set? Low probability because the other friend will be left alone. She has to make a decision between you and her friend. The friend will win 95% of the time!
Friendzoned guy? Possible low probability. Depending on if he's happy with the friendzone or not.
Excessive movement? Trying to get attention, usually a false sign of compliance. If it looks too easy - it's a trap designed in order to receive validation!
Negative overall expression due to lack of attention = high probability
Already getting attention from multiple guys = low probability
Trying to get attention due to lack of it = high probability
Truly compliant girls won't make it that obvious.
Girl dragging another girl = likely cockblock
Neck exposed and value scanning towards guys = Super high probability

Reframe that allowed me to pull:
"You're not coming back to my hostel" after I screen her logistics

"Of course not, I'm never setting my foot inside a shitty hostel again. I can't go back to that from what I have now, I've travelled for 4 years"

Magic line that triggered insane amounts of attraction and curiosity:

"You just made another girl very, very jealous...." Open-loop style.

In this case, it was legit. But you could just say this whenever and it'd have the same effect. This needs a bit more field testing and I kinda randomly stumbled upon it during my set, but she got insanely turned on from it. Started biting her lips and shit

Pre-emptive framing I did to disarm a cockblock:

I'm in the middle of running the type routine. Friend comes in. I get cockblock vibes because she is trying to get her attention and also saying something along lines of "I need to make sure that she's safe"

Very Important - My reasoning here: I IMMEDIATELY cut off the type routine and deal with the highest priority, most time sensitive thing here, which is the cockblock. I can pull her without the type routine or just continue on it later, but I will NEVER pull if I don't disarm the cockblock.

Me: "You know what I noticed about German girls in Sydney? I used to meet a lot of them there, all the time (Preselection trigger). German girls often had a tendency to become jealous if their friend was talking to a guy. It was absolutely disgusting"

I'm not saying directly that her friend is cockblocking. But I'm only implying it. Because I don't want to trigger any form of resistance because she feels the need to defend the cockblock or something lol

Her: "I know! That's one of the reasons that I want to travel and that I only hang out with guys now"

Me: "isn't it the most fucking annoying thing ever?"
I wanna get explicit agreement on this. She'll say yes because at this point its just pure rhetorics

Her: "yes"

The next time the friend brings up "that she needs to keep her friend safe" (classic shit that cockblocks will say, the fake safety objection), I immediately say to my girl "hahaha this is exactly what we talked about"