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Objection 3 during the pull


Staff member
Sep 6, 2019
Canadian girl giving objection to the pull.

I was too high value. And this was causing fake objections such as false safety objection, false "I'm not that type of girl" objection etc.

Immediately after, I tell her "Hey, there's something I need to tell you... But promise not to judge me!"


"You wouldn't believe me but I'm actually a massive cuddler. It's actually better than sex for me. You probably think I'm a massive pussy right now but that's who I am. A cuddler."

"Really...? I'm not sure if I believe you"

"No I'm 100% serious. I also love rom coms. My favorite ones are Crazy, Stupid Love and The Notebook. Do you like Mean Girls? That's also one of my favoritea. Honestly all I want to do right now is to go home and watch Mean Girls and cuddle."

I had to change her perception of me. I was too high value and had to calibrate by choding myself out.

She immediately switches, pulls me and easy close.