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New way to pull


Staff member
Sep 6, 2019
My favorite way to pull now.

I never really go for the pull anymore. Like, I don't ask if she wants to come for a drink, wine, etc. Instead, I run a very solid sexual interaction, and then fully assume the pull. I've had ridiculous high success with this.

A few examples:

If shes with her friends: "Your friends actually seem really cool! They won't be weird if we leave together, right?"

She has to choose - either her friends are weird, or she's coming with you.

Another example - if you suspect there's slutshaming etc going on.

"So what's it like travelling with your friends? Do you feel like you act different when you travel solo and when you travel with them?

"No I act the same"

"Oh really? I mean obviously they're your best friends and everything! But I bet that in the back of your head, you're a bit worried about what they think about you..."

"Yes maybe"

Okay so hypothetically speaking, if you told your friends that "me and this guy are going back to our place now", how would they react to it?

"I think they'd be OK with it!"

Oh really? I'd be so surprised. Well in that case, let's do it.

I've posted a few more examples in previous posts.

Another example:

"So where in Bali are you staying?"

"Seminyak. You?"

"Oh shit that's so far away! My place is way closer, I live in Canggu just up this road so it's way easier if we go to mine"

"Oh okay"

And deal with objections if they come up. Sooooo ooo effective!!