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New tinder reset guide


Staff member
Sep 6, 2019

So firstly I am thinking that you nailed your pictures and bio because they are important.

Even though you will use fake pictures, they should be high quality but also show some life style elements.

When it comes to bio; I get compliments a lot, I changed my bio totally and also cared about the order of things that are written and besides the creepy fact that they can’t see my face, they can not help but match.

Just last night phonesexed a 25 old bitchy and experienced girl, she tested me a LOT and threw objections yet the easiest one to deal with was me being not visible becauae she admitted that the thing that madw her wants to fuck me is the way I talk and before I wvwb match her she were hoping that I match her and we fuck so if is pretty obivious.

But I must say if you have good pictures with your face shown, you’ll get more matches. Every girl ain’t that loving to take risks.

• How often you should reset?

Oncw in a month BUT ONLY if you have a few phone numbers that you can use.

Because when I reset every time I use one the 3 numbers that I have which MIGHT be the reason that I did not gwt banned.

Whenever you reset, be active on the app that day..I noticed it has rhw tendencies to show you to more people when you reset and stay active

• Swiping & Gold Likes

Once you reset, you will be seeing the hottest girl in your city for first 50-60 on your deck AND in those 50-60 I want you to be as picky as possible BUT in every 10 swipe you should not like less than 3 more than 7

WHEN the quality girls are gon off your deck, you’ll get the avarage girls and HERE I want you to be EVEN more picky yet again not less than 3 more than 7 in every 10 swipes

LIKE the gold likes all the time, WHY? Because tinder wanta you to match with compatible people so you are being pickier but still liking at least 3 girls but you want to also get your ELO score by getting matches so THAT the high quality girls can see your profile as well since you are highering up your score as you match with your GOLD LIKES because there is a quite a big chance if your score don’t go up thosw girls swipe right on won’t even even see you

• How Should I Use The App?

Be active and make it a habit, choose 3 time during the day, for example

10 am

3 pm

10:30 pm

Use 2-3 min to swipe at those times EVERYDAY

Tinder rewards it!!

• Super Likes!?

Use your super likes on the REALLY HIGH QUALITY GIRLS

Because it stands out on the deck and if your first pic is a good and catch attention, the girl will check you out most likely

They don’t have gold, I can gurantee so you should stand out at the deck

• Should I Connect My Instagram?

No, just put your user name and post FAKE instagram stories and add them to highlights.