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Member Intro Guideline


Staff member
Sep 6, 2019
New Members can complete when Joining, however it's not mandatory

If you like to take feedback on board and implement it then filling this form in your introduction topic helps as I will get more context on each of one of you, being able to solve most of your sticking points on spot.

With older members and ex-students I know exactly where you are in your journey; your sticking points and your goals. With the newer members, feedback can be more specialized and thus useful the more information I know about you.


What did your childhood and upbringing look like?

What did your first romantic interactions with women look like?

How many past relationships have you had?

How long did they last?

Why did they end?

What does your sex life look like?

How many sexual partners have you had?

Are you confident when it comes to sex?

What do your social circles look like?

Do you find it easy to develop friendships?

What does a typical interaction look like? (sticking points)

How often are you going out and what level of success are you having?

What are your next goals you want to achieve?
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