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LR Virgin pull and dealing with massive groups


Staff member
Sep 6, 2019
First set of night
Virgin framing + dealing with massive group (20 people) + Anti Cockblock Framing

I see a brunette girl standing in a massive group.

"Where are you from?"
"I'm Danish"
"You're mixed?
"Yes, half Danish half Korean"

"That's really interesting because I actually met another half Danish half Korean girl in Sydney! You're so much more fun & open minded than regular Danish girls!"
[Preselection DHV + Framing fun & open minded]

"Haha oh really" [Accepts frame]
"Who are you here with?"
"We're a group of 21 girls"

With the info I currently have at my disposal, it's obvious that the massive group is the main obstacle in this interaction. So therefore, I immediately start framing against cockblocking.

I can see in my periphery that some of the friends have that cunty "cockblock facial expression".

Redflag AF.

Anyways, I will do this by framing them as jealous, insecure & controlling.

I ask her "What's it like travelling in such a big group of girls? I bet there must be so much drama going on."

I want to ease into the cockblock framing which is why I start with "drama".

"Yes. It was good for the first few days but you really get to see people's true colors after a while."
She agrees with the drama. So one step further.

"I've travelled with girls before so I know how controlling they can become once the jealousy builds up" [Preselection + Jealousy & Controlling framing]

"Yes it's really bad" she agrees.

"Those jealous girls always prey on the weak." I tell her.

I want to frame her going along with any cockblock attempt as something very negative she doesn't wanna identify with.
... and right at this point, one girl comes in to try and cockblock.

We both look at each other, and I can see how it "clicks" for her.

Turns out their entire group is heading over to the next venue. Which is only nextdoor.

Me and Ciel HK head over there as well.
He mentions how she keeps looking at me.

I re-engage, and I make sure that she's faced away from the group so they can't give her the "cockblock eyes" (y'all know what I'm talking about).

I compliance test by seeing if she latches onto my hand if I put it close to hers. She does. I lightly rub her hand while I'm talking. She rubs it back. This indicates a lot of compliance.
I put my other hand on her lower back and she moves in closer slightly and is fully relaxed. Another indicator of compliance.

"Hey, it's too loud to talk over here - lets go sit down there"

"Have you ever had a boyfriend?
"No I have not"
"Ok why?"
“I don’t know”
“So have many guys have you been with?”
“Been with how? Like sexually?”

Booom I know it’s a virgin.

So I cold read “I actually think the reason that you haven’t had sex yet is because you haven’t found a guy that you actually like”

She says “Yes it has to be the right guy”

I bet you 100,000 Indonesian Rupiah that she doesn’t have a defined criteria for what “the right guy” even means. So I define that for her.

“Of course!. Look. You’re 20. You need a guy who has a lot of experience and that you’re sexually attracted to.” - I fit both of these criteria. And she also can’t disagree with this statement.

Once she’s agreed, I ask “How adventurous are you?”

“I am”

“I’d love to take you on an adventure but there’s no way that your friends would let you go with me.” - knowing that she’s going to go against this frame

"I'm coming with you, I just need to let them know that I'll be gone"

Once you get her to verbally agree that her friends won’t cockblock, she’s going to be more assertive when she tells them that she’s leaving.