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Implicit vs Explicit DHV


Staff member
Sep 6, 2019
There are two ways to show value. Explicitly stating it and implicitly suggesting it.

Explicitly showing your value should be avoided. If you have to tell everyone how smart or rich you are, you probably aren't.

Girls will pick up on this. If it comes across that you are overtly trying to impress her and make yourself higher value you will actually lose her respect and attraction. It will be perceived as chasing and validation seeking which is a huge turnoff for girls.


The ideal situation is one in which the girl is begging you to display your value. You want her to view you as incredibly humble and that you really don't want to share the amazing things about yourself. You get annoyed that people start to see you differently once they know. Almost like you are trying to make yourself appear more attainable and relatable. The way
I envision it is a celebrity or billionaire just trying to get a coffee and a crazy fan asking, “is that really you?!”

The key is to hint at your value, build intrigue around it, act aloof when describing it, and do not be impressed by your own statements or value.

💥Open Loop

If you open loop what you will eventually DHV it will sound like you really didn't want to tell her. It gets the girl super invested and curious. When you finally reveal what it is you were hiding she will interpret the value as completely genuine and not try hard at all. At times when we run ‘Job Routine”’ the girls will not believe us or ask “is this just what you tell girls to impress them?”

If you open loop it first and appear to be actively hiding it from them they will never question its validity.

An example: If you were to own a Ferrari

You would hint at the value and try to bait the girl into asking about it.

I have to get up early tomorrow to pick up my car. It’s getting serviced and there's only one place that will take it that is 2 hours away, It’s so annoying. I mean don't get me wrong, I love the car, it's just frustrating that only one place is capable of servicing it

“What car is it?”

“Oh, don't worry really it doesn't matter.”

“No, tell me.”

“Okay, but promise not to judge me just off the car I drive.”


*Shows a photo of Ferrari* This should be done in a frustrated way. Like this is the 500th time you had to show someone and you are having to put up with their excited response.

💥Frame it negatively
Display your value through a negative frame. The girl will still see what you have to offer but it will sound like you are not trying to impress anyone.

“I have been travelling for the last two years. I've been to over 40 different countries. I’m sure it sounds amazing and a lot of fun and don't get me wrong, it is. I just really miss being home and having some longer term stability, you know?”

*Instagram closing*
“Just send me a message, I can't see who’s following me with all the notifications, it’s so annoying” (if you have a lot of followers, fake or real)

The moment a girl hears how amazing you are they will often respond positively and at times give you a lot of validation.

“Omg, no way. That's amazing!”

When she responds positively to your DHV do not come off as happy or excited. You should be dismissive or even surprised she is reacting so positively. This type of high value should be normal and expected in your life and that's what you want to portray.

Even if she displays something that is very impressive, you can imply your high value by the way you react. This does not mean you need to ignore or put down her achievements or what she is saying. Just don't act excited and overly impressed.

Girl: “I’m a model”

Reactive response: “Wow! That's so hot. I’ve never met a real model before”

Unreactive response: *neutral tonality* Oh, cool. I know it’s hard finding work here in this city as a model. Have you ever thought of moving?

As you can see the second response indicates that you probably have friends that are models in your life and you also have insight and knowledge about the industry.