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Impact of sports and Brazilian jujitsu


Staff member
Sep 6, 2019
I encourage everyone to go hitthe gym. I think that’s one of the best investment one can do.
That’s really something important to me since I mostly began my self dev route via body development and understanding.
The gym has always been a nightmare for me: no motivation, pain, not much results. As a teenager, a bit shy and fat, I started Thai boxing. My social really changed within 6months.
After years of it I switched to what I would now recommend for people looking for a physical activity: Brazilian jujitsu. It gets more and more attention nowadays.
For me martial arts / fight sports are the perfect fit.
You get a team that pushes you to your limits, pure fitness, self confidence. You have to stand for yourself in front of real tough guys. Conversely, it reduces ones anger / aggressive moods when going out since you have more confidence in yourself. Thats a real funny point. Most of the very aggressive dudes have 0 training.
Without writing a novel and to summarise the impact it had on me over the years:
It got me addicted to physical conditioning. Now I mostly do body weight stuffs. Because now I have a goal.
Self confidence. Less fear around other dudes. Especially someone tries to AMOG you => better reaction.
Getting conscious of your body, how to move your hips etc => better sex.
After a while I got to dig into nutrition too to balance my weight => reduced alcohol etc.
You increase your social circle with interesting individuals usually.
EGO MASSIVE reduction : you think you’re tough ? Wait until you have to say stop to a girl or just because an overweight guy crushes you.
Perk of BJJ vs boxing is the atmosphere : less tension, less fear going to train “will I get fucked up bad today ? “. Thats just my opinion, I still love boxing, but I think it is more beginner friendly.
So if you are looking for a physical activity, don’t hesitate and try out. And reach out if you have questions. Even after years of boxing, BJJ was really a turning point in my life !