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How to talk on the phone with a girl


Staff member
Sep 6, 2019
Follow these steps:
1) time constraint - "I have to go to gym in 5 minutes" that way if the convo is dying out you have a reason to leave and there's no pressure for a long call
2) talk smooth and slow
3) start easy, ask how her day was and then spend 15 sec talking about yours
4) you can laster transition and say you loved her photos
5) can sexualise with the idea of dirty talking her on the phone . "they gave me bad thoughts!" she'll ask what, and then you can start. Say you wanted to run your hands through her and slowly pull it back, exposing her neck.. etc etc.
6) don't be too worried about setting up a date on the phone, if she brings it up ask her schedule and either say you'll get back to her or plan something in the next 1-3 days ( I wouldn't plan anything further out than that )