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How to sexualize


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Sep 6, 2019
You don't need to build comfort or connection with a girl to sleep with her
You have to help her getting out from her limiting believes and give her reassurance
Most important thing to accomplish is set a sexual frame

1. Put the girl into a sexual hoop progression
Ask a girl how adventurous are you on a scale from 1 to 10
How adventurous implies she is already adventurous
Answering through numbers lowers the compliance instead of answering through words
Question 2 is what's the craziest thing you have ever done. If they ask what kind you say sexual. If they don't want to tell you go with a sexual story of your own. She should feel that you won't be able to judge her so she won't be able to top you so tos
Before I tell her what's my craziest thing is I make her promise to not judge me

2. Make the girl set a non judgemental frame saying of course I won't judge you
I've been doing a lot of crazy shit in this club actually... Like what? You gonna judge... You gotta promise not to judge me. OK what's the craziest thing you've done while travelling. Ok I will go first so you can feel good about it. When I lived in Sydney I had 4 gang bangs within 1 week very fucked up
Reward sexual compliance. I like and respect that

Go deeper now

First question: do you like when guys pool your hair. I'm curious do you like when guys pull your hair. Pull hair kiss
2 do you like getting choked
You have this nice look in your face but I know it's a Facade
Can I ask you a question
It's important to know. I got to know what kind of girl it is. You look like a shy girl but inside you're not. Inside crazy girl but it's good
If she had bad experience show her how it's done right making you a sexual authority

Nr 2 be physical with the girl
I use physicality as a reward tool to reward sexual compliance
Don't touch randomly as you might reward non compliance which is bad

Nr 3. Having close proximity
Should be clear from the outside that this is a sexual and non platonic interaction

Nr 4
Having the right tonality
Slow voice down and make it more mellow

Nr 5 holding eye contact
Choose one of her pupil and look in the center of it and you don't switch

Nr 6 talk about sexual topics
Talk about her and your sexual preferances. Talk about her and my previous sexual experiences
Ah you look so innocent is to Bait her onto sexual topics
How often do guys get down on you
What kind of sex do you used to have when you were 20
I won't do any innocent things to you. I don't want to tease you or anything but
I like a girl that is submissive and that I can turn submissive

So what kind of guy do you like

You seem like a lot of fun I mean most girls that say are fun aren't when it comes down to it
I'm curious how many guys have you been with. I feel like Australian girls are not like sweedish open6about it . 10 and 30 it's normal.

Now that you set the sexual frame from the beginning it's clear
Non judgmental frame now
Oh I see because if you go now your friends will know where you went. I used to care a lot what people think when I was 20 as well
I ask if she ever heard of Madonna shore complex
You like sex right so no reason not to have sex on first night. It's crazy if you say no to nothing. So if your friends find someone they really like you tell them not to. Its crazy

Another thing is to tell story about a girl i know who putting all non judgemental etc frames into the story

Then show yourself like a sexual authority that you're more experienced than her, knowing more about female ananotmy than her

Most guys know better what's under the hood of a car than what's under the hood of a clitoris

Busting limiting believe that you need a connection by telling a story of how you met and slept with girls on the first night and ended up having amazing relationships with them

I think connection is something you can build very fast you don't need time. Because my ex girlfriend mad every girl I met I slept on the first night and had amazing relationships over years
But we won't do that

So you want to disqualify sex to take pressure of her and making her feel like a slut. Because you set sexual frame she knows what's up. But you can't say it explizit

The formula is i would like to have sex with you because of x reasons but because of y reasons we can't do that

This all should eliminate all LMRs from comfort girls

Connection is important. It's what makes the interactions worthwhile. It's what builds retention.


If you're getting objections before sex, it's often not related to the comfort or connection you've built. It's often related to her limiting beliefs, your frames and your sexual escalation.

Through text
"I'm going to grab your bratty ass by the hair, bend you over my bed and spank you until I've left my hand prints all over your ass"

"That's why I'm so good at giving multiple oral orgasms!"

My favorite sexualization routine:

Look at her tits until you get a boner. Then say

How the fuck am i supposed to be civilezed when there's no blood left in my brain

Then take her hand put on ylur boner and say

See what youre doing to me! Youre such a little player! Omg i hate you ghet off me!

And push her off
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