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How to overcome objections


Staff member
Sep 6, 2019
Why I (almost) never get objections anymore (and how you can eliminate them too)

A couple of months ago a huge insight/epiphany came to me.

After heavy field testing, I can finally confirm that this theory is extremely reliable.

This is one of the most groundbreaking ideas I've had in a loooooong time. And I believe this idea is what gave me retarded consistency lately (more than you'll see anywhere else in the community).

If you understand how to this (It’s actually super simple once you get it), you will be able to clear almost every single objection & limiting belief the girl might have. Pretty much every time.

100% practical.

0% weird “woo-woo” shit.

Instantly applicable.

The idea?

First, let me give you a basic model of how to view hoops.

There are 5 categories of hoops.

I’ll include some examples below

__Verbal qualification__

“What’s the most adventurous thing you’ve done?”

“What is the best part of your personality?”

“What are your best three qualities?”

“What makes you good in bed?”
“What made you choose to study x/y/z subject?”


“Hey, let’s step over here for a second.”

“Let’s sit down.”

“Let’s go to the bar.”

“Let’s go back to mine & grab a glass of wine.”

__Social reputation__


*Hold your hand”

*Make out”

*Twerking on you*

*Make out with you in front of her friends (yes this is different)*

Side note: these are WAY more significant if the girl is the only one doing it. For example, if she’s twerking on you, she’s the only one investing her social reputation while you’re not doing anything.


* Hold my beer

* Tie my shoes

* Get me a napkin

* Give me a massage

__Monetary__ (least relevant IMO)

* Buy me a beer

* Buy me lunch

* Buy me cigarettes

* Buy me a phone

* Buy me a car

And before we get into the theory, I also wanna quickly touch on the biggest game changer that I learned from Pierre.

Dealing with objections preemptively.

If you tell the girl a story about another girl you met, who had the exact same limiting beliefs as her, how she pushed through it and how happy & fulfilled the felt after, you can pretty much eliminate every single objection possible.

The problem, however, was always screening what their limiting beliefs are going to be.


If you compliance test her for each and every category of hoops early on in the interaction, you can quickly suss out which objections she is likely to give later on, and what her limiting beliefs are.

Example 1: let's say she will jump through verbal qualification/social reputation hoops without any problems, but won't jump through any logistical hoops..

Likely, her biggest concerns will be safety/feeling pressured into sex.

In this case, you'd hammer harder on disqualifiers/prizing frames.

Example 2: let's say she jumps through logistical/verbal qualification hoops, but won't jump through any social reputation hoops at all..

Here, you'd wanna put more emphasis on independence from friends/discretion. You do this by telling stories where you indirectly tell the girl that you don’t “kiss and tell”,

This is how I’m always able to figure out the girls objection and solve it almost every time. It’s heavily field tested and I cannot actually recall it failing once.

This should allow you to speed up your interactions and give you a very solid roadmap in realtime on exactly how to run your set.

Quick pulls often results in LMR (super common problem in the community). This could be a permanent fix for that problem.

To sum this all up, short and sweet: if you pay close attention to which hoops she jumps through, and which hoops she DOESN'T jump through, you should be able to quickly figure out exactly what objections she is likely to give you later, and deal with them preemptively.

For bonus credit: did you read my previous post about body language & female psychology?

Then you should have a fairly good idea of how limbic responses manifest. Try to look for which category of hoops triggers a limbic response in the girl. This will be a very strong & accurate indicator of what her future objection is gonna be.
Does she show signs of discomfort when you bring up the topic of boyfriends?

When you seed the pull? (Logistical hoop)

When you escalate on her? (Social reputation hoop)

P.S. I do realize how this might seem overwhelming to some. Initially, this might seem very hard to remember. It’s worth it. It’s extremely powerful once you’ve dialed this into your subconscious. It’s gonna be way superior to anything else. Trust me, I’ve tried it all. Hundreds of times. In the past MONTHS.

It might put you in your head. If it does, you haven’t properly learned how to apply this yet. It has not become second nature for you, yet.

You’re gonna have to keep using your conscious mind to keep track of this until it’s become second nature to you (which shouldn’t take long at all).

This is just a fact of life. Sometimes, during the process of learning a new skill, your conscious mind needs to put in some work (I know, sucks right?)

It’s like when I wanted to get really good at League of Legends. At first I was just putting out fires and trying to scramble my way into victory and just hope for the best. But then, someone taught me how to think a couple of steps ahead. At first, it made my moment-by-moment game a little bit worse because I had more to think about, but as soon as I started to be able to process more than just the moment-by-moment information, I quickly tripled my win-ratio.

Here’s the thing: being able to think a couple of steps ahead while also being cognizant of what is happening in the moment is a skill that must be trained. It won’t be developed by just scrambling in the moment and not even practicing thinking ahead. And that’s why we created this mastermind.

Example 1: "B"

I see B making out with a girl on the street. I can see that she is resistant to pulling.

She jumps through social reputation hoops, but won’t jump through logistical hoop (getting pulled).

I tell him to disqualify. He does, and I can see that she instanty relaxes.

However, she’s not willing to be pulled yet.

I then find out that she’s actually there with 3 other friends. 2 guys and 1 girl.

The guys seem fine with it.

I ask myself logically why she won’t be pulled.

She’s jumping through social reputation hoops but not logistical hoops. It’s not a safety concern because it’s obvious that sex is on the table. The only other possible option here could be judgement from friends.

It’s becoming more obvious to me that he needs approval of the other female in the group.

I go up to her and tell her

“It’s so rare for my friend to actually like a girl. We always try to find girls for him but he’s just so fucking picky. For some reason, he seems to really like your friend. She really likes him as well. I can tell because she’s actively chasing his attention. Sometimes, girls just put up with guys to be polite but this is obviously not the case here. However, there’s a problem.. Your friend is feeling judged by you. I can tell you guys are very close, and she values your opinion highly. She needs to know that you think they’re good together. Don’t be a bad friend to her. Go up to her and tell her “you guys look cute together”.

“Ok, I’ll do it.”

After this, there’s no resistance at all.

B pulls the girl.

Example 2: Mark pulling a girl with a boyfriend of 6+ years

Earlier on in the night, I introduced Mark to a girl (it’s very common for us to open girls for each other.)

She’s very attracted to him. Absolutely, fucking sold.

He’s pulling her hair, biting her neck, everything.

However, for some reason he cannot pull her.

She’s there with 2 friends.

Even though I’m observing the interaction from a distance (I cannot hear a single word that’s being said), I know exactly how to solve this situation.

She’s jumping through social reputation hoops (hair pulling, neck biting, etc), but she’s not jumping through the logistical hoop of Mark pulling her.

If a girl is jumping through social reputation hoops, but not logistical - it’s very likely because she doesn’t feel safe enough/that she could be pressured into sex.

What you need to do here is to disqualify + prizing frame.

I deal with this indirectly, through her friends.

I walk into the set, and re-introduce myself as Pierre’s friend.

“Just so you guys know, my friend absolutely cannot have sex with your friend. He’s got erectile dysfunction and he’s just going to eat her out. So it doesn’t count as sex. But I have to tell you guys one thing: my friend broke up with his girlfriend 6 months ago. It’s been so difficult to make him talk to girls. He’s just so fucking picky it’s ridiculous. But for some reason, he REALLY likes your friend. I’m not completely sure why. I’m curious though, what’s your friend like?”

… and her friends start qualifying her to me.

“She’s super nice, caring blablabla”
“Okay.. she could actually be a good fit for my friend. Look, I trust you, so I trust her too!”

Mark's girl is down to be pulled now.


She’s only coming if her friend is going as well.

I try to soft-close her friend, “Do you like wine?”

“Yes I do, but I’m not coming back with you guys.. Sorry!”

“No, look. I just have one question. When we’re back at our place, we’re going to drink wine. I just need to know if you like red or white for later. So, do you like red or white wine?”


“Perfect, let’s go!”

And off we go ;)

(This is how effective frame control and assuming compliance can be. I literally mindfucked her into agreeing to being pulled.)