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How to Navigate and Use our Forum


Staff member
Sep 6, 2019
Ths topic will guide you on how to use our community properly

Use the search bar and units section to scroll through past content you are interested in.
Request content in the feedback area.

Ask questions, and then ask again, and once more, until you fully understand the concepts
Break down your own text game. Write your own perception of what you did right or wrong and potential texts you could have written differently and we will then break it down.
Don’t just ask for ‘the next line’, think about where you are trying to take it and provide a suggestion of what you would text
Go out and apply aggressively. Do not hold back when testing new concepts/routines/techniques/ideas/philosophies/mindsets.
Lastly, give advice to others. If you are reading a post and have an opinion then share it. We are all a family here and one of the best ways to check your understanding of concepts is trying to teach and explain it.
This will allow the coaches and other experienced guys to critique your advice and current understanding. It will in the long term help others and yourself learn to receive feedback and be open to different ideas and views.
A lot of people in this group are very advanced and skilled in different areas of life. I will make a list below of advice you can count on in certain areas. Please write in the comments below what is your area of expertise so that others can look to you for advice. Also if you are interested in making your own content or series then hit me up and we can give you a unique unit section.
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