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How to move the interaction forward


Staff member
Sep 6, 2019
Here's an example of how to efficiently move an interaction forward.

The pull didn't end up happening. After she handed the key to the friend, she started walking after us and demanded that my girl go home with her because she "didn't feel safe taking a Grab by herself" (the Asian equivalent to Uber which is very safe).

Translation: she was butthurt because the random guy I was "winging" with had ditched her.

It's something that happens quite frequently in nightgame if the friend doesn't have a guy. We have certain routines to deal with this but this one was quite extreme!

Other than that, it was a solid interaction and if you've read the Open to Close Verbal Structure ( ) you can see that it's very much in line with that.
Also if you compare it to the other audio with the Danish girl ( ) you can see how they're pretty much identical.

1. Opener: “You look so shy”

My “wing” (let’s call him Random Bali Guy) had already gone in to open her friend. This girl gave me an IOI when he did. So in the “Verbal Pyramid”, I know I’m already at a stage where I can make her qualify because she already perceives me as high value.
I wanted her to go against the “shy” frame but she doesn’t. She says “why”.

2. You look shy!
She tries to flip it back on me.

3. Maybe I am… would you judge me if I was?
I see an opportunity to make her set a non-judgemental frame.
In the back of my head right now, I’m trying to gauge her accent. I learned through a lot of split-testing & analysing interactions that if I can figure out where she’s from without her telling me, the open loop is going to be much more effective than if I asked her. It makes it a lot more believable.
If I was actually shy this wouldn’t work well at all. It’s obvious that I’m not.

4. Oh you don’t know?
Open loop

5. How do you know I’m French?
She really wants to know why so I know I can push the open loop quite far

6. It’s a good thing…

7. My ex had the same thing, I lived with her in St Tropez
Preselection DHV

8. But I think it’s honestly better if I don’t tell you…
Open looping further

9. I promise I won’t judge you…
She sets the non-judgemental frame before. So she’s chasing now. So I can very safely sexualise now.

10. How open minded are you from 1-10?
Create Commitment bias around open minded. Will make sexualisation earier

11. Oh yeah? That’s a good number!
Rewarding compliance

12. It depends on the girl that I’m with. It always depends on the girl!
I see an opportunity to solidify the chase even more so I take it. I want her to ask me again for my “open-mindedness number”.

13. Yes but in general
She gives me a smaller hoop by lowering the compliance threshold. She actually did that really well.

14. I’m a 9.5
It would’ve been much better if I added something like “Do you think you can bring it out of me?” at the end here because it’d make her qualify again and solidify the chase even more.

15. I go up to a 10 when I’m in Bali of course.
I want to transition into “doing crazy shit in Bali”

16. What’s the craziest thing you’ve done in your first month?
She responds “nothing”. I believe her because of what she added at the end of her response.

17. How old are you?
The way I’m saying it is to frame myself as older and authority

18. You’re at that age where you need to explore and try out things
She accepts frame so I can double down

19. You have six months to live out everything crazy that you’ve always wanted to do
I’m creating a sense of urgency here because she said earlier that she has been “really calm here”.

20. Don’t judge me, OK?
I want her to agree to this so that she can’t react negatively to my preselection story. It also makes her chase it a bit more.

21. *preselection story*
I stretch the truth a bit here. It wasn’t one week ago - it was 1 month ago. And only one of them had BF and it was in Sydney. But for the sake of framing and making it more relevant to her situation I’m going to say it was in Bali.
“Swedish girls” - they may immediately make the connection that they were attractive.
“We clicked really quick” - I’m implying that you can create “connection” quickly (because I’m going to sexualise early)
“But that’s not the crazy thing” - I don’t want to frame it as if a threesome was something crazy for me. So here I’m actually trying to convey that they are normal to me (preselection & no risk of any slutshaming etc)
I can see that she’s reacting well so I add in the thing about their BF’s being “too soft” and she reacts well again (facial expression). She reacted well when I brought up the hair pulling and choking so I know that I’ll definitely be bringing that up later again.

22. You never did?! How come?
I’m trying to sound surprised when she says she’s never had one. I want her to expand a bit on it so I can figure out why because the same concern may become relevant later on.

23. You would prefer two guys
I wanna frame her as sub soon

24. Because I know
Not sure what happened here why I stopped mid sentence. I think I was moving us somewhere more quiet or something.

25. I know what kind of girl you are because you remind me about girls that I’ve dated before
Yep so I stopped mid sentence because I was isolating.
“Because” = justification compliance trigger

26. The way you break eye contact, the way you move your hair
I’m telling her that she’s doing submissive things with her body language.
“The way you break eye contact” makes sense with the “shy” opener.
“The way you move your hair” I just made up on the spot but even for most normies this is a commonly known IOI. I could’ve gone into further detail here about how it’s making her vulnerable by exposing her neck etc.

27. She wants to dominate the other girl
Just opportunity to display sexual authority

28. What’s your starsign?
This is a hint that I have displayed enough value and enough sexual authority. The next obstacle I’m going to overcome is helping her rationalize everything. She’s already trying to do that. She’s asking for starsign to be able to rationalize compatibility. That there’s chemistry or connection.

29. I have a feeling about you…

30. You like it when guys pull your hair
Go back to sexualising.

31. Yes. How do you know?
“How do you know?” doesn’t need to be addressed.

32. Do you like to be choked as well?
Next step in compliance ladder.

33. Do you like being spanked?
Next step in compliance ladder

34. Do you like oral?
Next step in compliance ladder

35. Yes

36. Do you like to receive or to give?
She responds “both”

37. I have a rule… Don’t judge me for this OK
I want to make her drag it out of me a bit.

38. 6-8 orgasms
She hooks on this

39. How many do you normally have?
If you know how many, you can offer something higher/better

40. Since you only have 1 or 2 normally I’ll start you off with 4-5 and work my way so you don’t explode
Frame previous orgasm number as low

41. You love sex, right?
She’s starting to hint towards a concern

42. I love women
I reframe it

43. We are already talking private stuff
This needs to be addressed

44. It’s weird because I normally don’t feel comfortable talking about this stuff normally but with you I feel comfortable!
Flipping it

45. Maybe that’s why I trust you…
Reinforcing the frame

46. She asks name
Lots of compliance. I know the pull is pretty much ready now. There’s no rush but that’s what’s going to be on my mind now.

47. Where do you stay?
So I immediately screen logistics after

48. I can’t stop thinking about what I wanna do to you
I go back to sexualising now

49. *rant*
The main reason why I’m on this rant is because I want her to agree to certain frames and I want to paint somewhat of a picture of the process and
“I take you home” = framing the pull
“I lay you down on my bed and give massage”
“I make you feel 100% comfortable and relaxed”
I add “6-8 orgasm” because I found it funny for the audio

50. But my friend is sleeping at my place
Objection. This is what 100% of my focus will go to now

51. How far of a walk is it?
I’m trying to gauge how difficult it will be for the friend to get there by herself

52. Is your friend cool?

53. Are you good friends?

54. You could give her the key

55. You’re a good talker… like… you know how to talk to a woman
I can see a unattainability/”too high value” concern

56. Can I tell you something?

57. This is gonna sound… whatever but… if there’s one thing that I enjoy more than sex it’s to cuddle the girl afterwards
“This is gonna sound… whatever but…” = I’m trying to make myself sound more insecure so that this will be received better

58. I hope that doesn’t scare you away
I want her to qualify at this stage so that I can be sure that the has accepted that frame

59. It’s because you’re a Pisces
Apparantly Pisces are known for that!

60. Are you a good cuddler?
I want to make her qualify more

61. I like to cuddle
She qualifies

62. There’s nothing that I’d rather do right now than to take you home and cuddle you all night
Soft close

63. Just cuddle me?

64. First I would go down on you and give you 6-8 orgasms and then I would cuddle you
I want to keep it explicit

65. Why are you wearing earphones?
Haha same as last time with the Danish girl
She brings up a massage. I can’t remember what that was. But I was probably massaging her neck or something.
She makes out with me after.

66. What did you want to tell me about French girls?
She brings up the open loop again! Hilarious

67. I’ll tell you later
Make her chase it

68. Let’s find your friend
This is the pull.

69. Will she be cool with taking your key?
She says yes