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How to disqualify like a sex god


Staff member
Sep 6, 2019
Not Right Now Routine
Guy: *Sexual tonality* “Listen, I’m going to be straight up with you. If you took me right now, ripped all your clothes off, bent over, looked back and tried fucking me… I would say no.” – This completely flips the frame.

She will refute this. She won’t believe that you could resist her throwing herself at you. She has been conditioned to think that every guy will do anything for sex with any girl.
Girl: “Ha! I don’t believe you!”
Guy: “Don’t get me wrong. I like you. You are *specific qualification*, e.g. you are incredibly pretty, and I like how fun and real you are.”

This strengthens the frame that she is chasing you for sex. Temporarily reject her and use a softener by also qualifying. This way, it appears genuine and shows that you are worried ‘rejecting’ her will also hurt her feelings.
Guy: “But I need to know that the sex would be good. And if we had sex right now, it wouldn’t be amazing.”

You are disqualifying based on pleasure, which is more genuine and believable than connection or comfort.
Guy: “I’m too old for bad sex. I used to have a lot of one night stands when I was younger, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Some of it was good, but a lot of it was just sloppy drunken sex.”

Introduce the idea that one night stands are not inherently bad; it’s just that you want to ensure it’s pleasurable, which is often a concern a woman will have.
Guy: “Now, before I have sex, I want to know it will be amazing. I need to feel chemistry with the girl and be able to communicate with her. So many people today are completely fine having sex with someone, but not comfortable enough to talk about it. I mean… You seem cool. You are very open, and we can talk about most things, and I really like that about you. But, you can’t expect sex to be good without feeling the chemistry in front of each other and both really wanting it.”

Encouraging a strong sexual frame through open sexual communication.
Guy: “I won’t have sex with girls unless they beg me. Unless they say, ‘Please, please fuck me!’ I’m incredibly picky these days.”

This shows preselection, abundance, and also disqualifies. The girls tend to feel comfortable being able to escalate and be sexual now. They don’t fear being put in a position where they feel they are being pressured.
Guy: “So it’s true, right now I wouldn’t have sex with you. But, who knows what might change.”

Every disqualification needs a way out. Sex isn’t entirely off the table. She just has to earn it first.