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Guide to pull every night


Staff member
Sep 6, 2019
Here is a checklist of 13 points that will help you pull every single night if implemented correctly.

The frame control stuff has helped me pull under the explicit premise of sex, which I've never been able to as consistently as now before. Super powerful shit.

All my pulls have pretty much been LMRless where they play a role in escalating on me.

Anyway.. Without further ado.

1. Dress well

-Fashion, grooming, haircut, smell, hygiene

- Stand out for the RIGHT reason

2. Open strong (Loud volume, appropriate tonalities, good eye contact, relaxed body, close proximity)

3. Endure tension instead of deflecting it

Don't try to cut corners and weasel your way into an interaction. You should be noticeable for people within your proximity.

Don't flinch. Be composed. Endure the tension

4. Inspire not control

You can't MAKE someone stay. Give her room to leave or invest and play an active role.

Talk slower. Leave pauses. Chill the fuck out.

Pressure on, pressure off. Don't latch onto the little bit of compliance or interest you have. Let her go

5. Speak well

Tell interesting stories and speak in an engaging way

Pretend you're an actor, but instead of deliver lines from a script, you just say what you want. Own what you say. Make it compelling and engaging.

Not like a bad sales man who overdoes it.

6. Test compliance by taking risks

- Physicality (Physical compliance)
- Sexual statements (Emotional & Sexual compliance)
- Leading (Logistical compliance)

7. Have a winner mindset (What needs to happen for the BIG WIN to go down)

- If your goal is to fuck, then have a problem solving mindset for how that could happen (eg. Your home> her home> somewhere else> club bathroom> day 2))

- During daygame (Same day lay> Instant date> Solid number for day 2)

- Be persistent the smart way

8. Lead & Isolate (Depending on logistics, it's mostly better to have the girl 1 on 1)

- "Let's move out of people's way. Move two metres this way."

- "Come grab some water with me real quick. We'll be back"

9. Befriend her friends and dominate (befriend) the social environment around you if need be

10. Sexualise and spice things up through sub-communication and verbals

- closer proximity, stronger eye contact, softer volume and cheeky tonalities

- topics like sexual preferences, hair pulling, spanking, choking, past relationships, laycount, whether she has dated an asian guy like me before, when is the last time she had sex, how adventurous she is from 1-10, what's the craziest thing she's ever done

- Overt sexual statements
"Your booty is so fucking nice."
"I'm going to fuck the shit out of you."
"Stop looking at me like that."

11. Test compliance again

- Neck kiss> make out. I try not to make out until absolutely the right moment or she's begging for it. Neck kiss arouses the girl a lot more whilst keeping the tension alive

12. Frame control your way to victory

Your interaction should have a sexual undertone to it from your subcom and perception of reality.

Have a strong frame that GIRLS LOVE SEX.

DON'T LET her convince you how she is different from every other slut you have met.

This is a frame battle and trap! Every girl loves sex and can turn into a sex-loving creature for the RIGHT guy. Be the right guy.

You have to bring the inner whore out of her. Don't let her sell you that she is different.

Run your interaction to the point where you build a ton of sexual investment around her preference, fantasy, experiences etc.

13. Pull with whatever pull line you want because it's already a done deal from the way you have gamed her

I've been using "Let's have some wine at my place."

Her: *look of skepticism because we have been talking about sex so much. She wants it but doesn't want it to be expected."

Me: Look, honestly, it's been nice chatting with you and would be cool to have a drink at mine. I know it will be fun. I don't expect anything. If shit happens and we fuck, then cool. If not, then i can just jerk off and fall asleep. it's cool."

Her: *complies to request*