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French girl pull (Cuddle Routine)


Staff member
Sep 6, 2019
French Girl Cuddle Close + Cuddle Routine Exposed!!!
I've recently been asked a million times how I DHV so hard and so early. I’ll explain exactly how I do it in this Cuddle Close Report. You'll also get examples on how to read a girls archetype. I'll refer to these as Major Archetype Indications. There are, of course. many of them spread out through the report that I didn't bother highlighting. But everything is relevant, and everything matters when it comes to interpreting her archetype. The small things definitely add up, and can tell you a lot.

How I view DHV'ing in a nutshell:

Take whatever she just said, and use it as a segueway into a DHV. Pretty simple. And you can be pretty blatant with it.
The most effective ones are preselection and sexual DHV. For the sake of simplicity, focus only on these. Other forms of DHV don't even come close.

The interaction:
Pulled and closed first set my last night in Bali. This one is a bit special.
She’s there with another girl (which Sam is in set with). I get introduced to my girl.
It’s pretty basic from the start. “Hey I’m Alex, nice to meet you.”
The first 5 minutes is spent DHV’ing. Her English is not amazing. Half of the interaction is run verbally, and the other half on Google Translate.

DHV #1:
I ask her where she’s from. She tells me she’s French.
Ahh. My ex girlfriend was French as well!
DHV #2:
She takes up a cigarette. I ask her how long she’s been smoking. She says she had her first cigarette when she was 12.
I use this as an opportunity to immediately segueway into DHV #2: "She was a model in St Tropez and we lived next to the Chanel House. That’s when I quit smoking actually!"
Major Archetype Indication #1: She responded extremely well to this DHV. and it was so effective that she brought it up multiple times throughout the interaction. The way she responded to this DHV also gave me a few clues on how I need to game her.
She said “I wish I had a body like a model”.
This tells me two things:
She will respond extremely well to being validated. So that’s my gameplan now. I’ve been careful to not either validate or devalidate her up until the point where I figure out what she responds to best.
This girl had a very good body. This combined with her response indicated that my perceived value was high now.
This doesn’t mean that I’m going to stop DHV’ing, however. I’m going to use her response to DHV #2 as a segueway into DHV #3
DHV #2: Showing profile of IG model that I fucked in Vegas
I tell her that she actually has the ideal body type! She responds extremely well to this. So I pull up a picture of an IG model that I fucked in Vegas, and tell her that they have very similar bodies and she’s one of the girls that I really enjoyed the most.
She loves being compared to the IG model. And it also helped with my own value of course.
My value is sky high within the first 5 minutes of interacting. So high that she felt very insecure around me, and I needed to bring her up whilst still DHV’ing myself!
She’s very happy now, and qualifies that “she’s not superficial and that she values someone’s mind more than someone’s body.”
Major Archetype Indication #2:
This indicates to me that she is really looking for compatibility. So my focus goes completely onto framing compatibility until I know that she perceives us as… well, compatible beyond only attraction.
This is a subtle “emotional concern” that if not picked up on, you’re kind of fucked. If you try to sexualize before she perceives compatibility, it may work but it’s riskier and could easily backfire. Even if it worked then and there, it could easily grow into a solid objection over time. Whenever I sense an emotional concern, I’m not going to ask for more compliance. I’m going to only deal with the emotional concern. And the way that I do so is extremely low compliance.
Here’s how I did:
I respond to her “I can tell that you have a beautiful mind”.
What I’m trying to imply is that our personalities are compatible. She responds well, so I freestyle another routine on the same theme.
Freestyle Routine - Star Signs
In the pursuit of framing compatibility even further, I ask her what her starsign is. She tells me that she’s an Aquarius.
I act very surprised… “No way. You’re kidding me. You’re actually an Aquarius?! This is absolutely insane…”
She asks me why.
“This is why you remind me of so many girls that I’ve dated before…”
I know that this will prompt her to ask what my starsign is.
I tell her that I’m a Pisces and that this is too crazy to be a coincidence.
She is fully bought into the compatibility framing now.
… and now that she perceives compatibility, I can ask for more compliance again.
My go to - “What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?”
She tells me a long story about how she went to her friend in Australia. And how her mom told her she can’t stay for long because she doesn’t wanna be all alone in France.
Major Archetype Indication #3: This one is quite subtle. The way she told the story implies that her mom is a single mom. Her parents must, therefore, be divorced. This will be relevant.
Even when they go off on seemingly irrelevant rants, I listen with laser focus. Small things, and the way she says them will give me valuable insights into her psychology. The fact that her parents are divorced indicates that she will respond very well to affection. If I failed to pick up on this, I wouldn’t have been able to understand her next concern and help her handle it properly.

She starts going off topic. So I cut her off and ask her another question.
“What’s the craziest thing you’ve done sexually?”
She tells me that she hasn’t done that much crazy sexually. She asks me back.
DHV #3: I tell her that my friend and I got pulled by 3 girls and had an orgy.
She tells me she’s never had an orgy.
Lower Compliance Threshold: “Ahhh. So you prefer only one person at a time?”
Compliance testing by soft-closing & assuming 1-on-1 sex: “Perfect.”
This brings up an emotional concern.
Major Archetype Indication #4: “... but I only have sex with my boyfriends”
This concern must be handled immediately.
Me: “... Can I tell you something?”
“I think I love you. I’m not sure what I’m feeling right now but I know that it could be love!"
She laughs and tells me that I’m crazy. She's not retarded, and is fully aware that I'm joking around. But it still has the same effect emotionally. This means that she’s accepting the frame, and it’s a sign that I can take it up one notch and ask for more compliance.
Me: "The stars have aligned tonight. The aquarius and the pisces".
I want to remind her of the compatibility that I framed earlier.
She responds very well to this (pretty predictable with all the information on her blueprint at this point), so I take it up one notch.
How I handle the "I only have sex with boyfiends"-concern: “I want to be your boyfriend tonight.”

She accepts this frame/roleplay by laughing again. This brings up another concern.
“... but I’m on my period.”
Solution: “I love my girlfriend every day of the month. I’m not scared of her period!”

She doesn't fully accept that. Which indicates to me that she might still perceive me as too high value. So I go into the infamous...

Cuddle Routine.

When running the cuddle routine, I'm trying to do a few things:
1. Partially disqualify sex.
2. Handle and battle the "fuckboy-perception"
3. Use it as a way to close.
4. Call myself a pussy repeatedly to have bigger impact (this one is important)
5. Open loop so that she has to drag it out of me for even more impact.

"Hey, can I tell you something? I know that I look and dress like a fuckboy. Every girl thinks I am. But I want to tell you something.
"I'm actually a massive pussy sometimes. I mean yeah, I've had a lot of girls. Tons of them, actually. But in many other ways, I'm a giant pussy."
"What do you mean?
"You sure?"
"Yes tell me"
"... you wouldn't believe me if I told you."
"Okay. You'd be very surprised to hear that I'm a cuddler. Yep, I said it. I'm a fucking cuddler, OK? It's honestly the only thing that I prefer above sex. In fact, it's what I love to do after sex every time (this is what I meant by partially disqualifying sex - it's not fully DQ'd). You probably think that I'm a giant pussy right now."
"No not at all!!!" (compliance + frame accepted)
"Honestly... there's nothing I'd rather do right now than lie down with my girlfriend, my dog Hachi, watch a nice romantic comedy and eat Ben and Jerrys..." (painting a picture + soft close)
"That sounds nice" (compliance to pull)

She agreed to the pull. But wants to stay for a bit longer to dance with her friends. I’m very tired and very sober, so I tell her that I’m going home and it was really nice to meet her!
Just when I arrive home, she starts spam-calling me on Instagram (as you can see in the pics). Comes straight over.