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First Vegas lay


Staff member
Sep 6, 2019
First Vegas lay - Married hired gun from Travis Scott's table

Hey guys. Thought I’d bust out a quick LR from last night in Vegas.

I’m still trying to figure out how to game in Vegas. It’s very different from anywhere else I’ve been. In every way imaginable.

Not sure exactly what approach to take here. However, a few things really make sense to me:

1. DHV very early on in set. The job routine is pure genius here, because it's implied DHV + massive compliance spike due to the curiosity + gives you "permission" to explicitly DHV super hard later on.

2. Try to work preselection in my favour in different ways. One way could be to open a girl, lock in to make it look like she's hitting on you. Then, proceed to open another girl and bring her in as well. Another way could be through storytelling. I've been able to convert a lot of initial non-compliance through preselection storytelling.

I'm also very likely to experiment around with fashion here as well. To something that helps me convey even more preselection. I might go even harder on the fUckbOi-theme, lol.

3. Sex coach routine (as explained below). This is THE BIGGEST DHV I've ever come across. It literally works EVERY TIME. I want to refine it a bit, but honestly this is the biggest hack ever. We've used it to set up gangbangs and pass around girls in Sydney etc. "My sex coach Mark thinks you're hot and wants to eat you out" that kinda thing. Sexual authority frame taken to next level.

4. Befriend table guys. This is something I'm gonna have to play around with a bit to get the gist off. It could make things very, very easy.

As you can tell, all of the strategies mentioned above revolve around increasing your own perceived value. There's so much value everywhere around you in Vegas, and you definitely need to stand out somehow.

I've been having a lot of AA here in Vegas (yup I still get it bigtime). This is something that always happens to me when I arrive in a new city. I become very careful and hesitant, and I feel like I need to "test" what I can get away with before I can start gaming like I normally would. This usually takes me about a week before I can hit beast-mode.

During that time, I'll also calibrate very well to the new cities. For example - in Budapest, me and Divad Tfiws observed that the amount of cockblocking is insane. So we had to calibrate, adjust and come up with new routines to deal with it. Once we did, we absolutely crushed it.

In Barcelona, the thing that made everything "click" and fall into place for me was to only do AMOG-sets.

In Sydney, one major adjustment I had to do was to add ridiculous aggression to my game. Especially early on in the interactions. I'm not sure why this is. This wasn't really necessary anywhere else, not to the degree as it was in Sydney. The louder and more obnoxious I went, my results increased exponentially. I'm not sure if this is the way you want to go about things in Vegas. I'll have to test more extensively.

Me and Nitin go to a club called "Intrigue". It’s supposed to be one of the best clubs on the strip.

I can see why. The club has a really good ratio of guys & girls, and quality is high.

However, volume is quite low for the night. Nothing special happens for the first two hours or so.

I do my first approach out of boredom, and just to build some momentum.

She's extremely unreceptive from the open. I look at her like she's acting weird, and go on my phone for about 1-2 minutes just standing next to her. She then re-engages me.

I end up spending about 2 hours with this girl. Her husband died 10 years ago, and she's only been with one guy since. I wanted the challenge so I stuck in. She wouldn't comply to any form of sexualization, and would instantly release any tension that would build up by changing her body language and positioning.

Whenever a girl isn't complying to sexualization, I always try to do some "digging" and find out the underlying reason why. Once I know the underlying reason, I have something to work with. This is something I really struggle to put into words, but I'll give it a shot. (I need to get it on infield)

Here's what I gathered: she tells me that she's a lonewolf. That she barely has even female friends. She broke up with her ex because he treated her poorly and "didn't prioritize her". She also mentioned that she hates when people can't make time for her. "If they can't make time for her, they don't deserve her". After her husband died, she sold the house and invested the money and became rich. She wants to be a "strong independent woman". And the reason why she pushes people away is because she's terrified of being vulnerable. She also lacks sexual experience. Never had a one night stand.

Typically, with this amount of data, you'd have a very good chance to convert almost any girl through reframing and indirectly dealing with her concerns (Divad Tfiws is a master of this, one perfect example was the American girl in Fogas). This one was a very tough nut to crack though. I walk her out of the club and try to pull her, without success.

During this time, Nitin Pabba had left the club to get some food. I text him to come pick me up. Right before I leave, I spot two girls leaving the club together. I open them and ask what they're doing. They say they're getting sushi. I tell them that's a great idea, and that my friend can drive us. They sort of ignore it, but I still assume it's on. Once we get outside the building, Nitin is waiting there in the car. I simply signal for them to get inside. They look at each other, and walk after me.

It was key here that I assumed they were coming with. If I had stopped and hesitated even the slightest, I don't see this working out at all.

Usually, I'd pretty much never pull before a sexual frame is set. There simply wasn't enough time to set one before the pull.

Once we get in the car, I introduce the girls to Nitin.

They start asking, "where are we going to eat sushi?"
I respond "Guys, change of plans. We're going to drink gin instead!"

First, they agree to go for gin. And I'm almost 100% sure they did this only to give us shit, but they start bringing up sushi again. It's very important that you dictate whatever you guys are doing. If you give the girl control over this, it will fuck up the pull almost every single time.

Following the same theme of trying to derail the gin-at-our-place-plans, they try to take us to a stripclub instead. I tell them I don't go to stripclubs anymore because I used to date a stripper.

My girl asks me, "why the fuck would you date a stripper?"

"Because she was so fucking hot, why wouldn't I?

"Strippers are so annoying"

"Yeah, that's why I broke up with her"

"Why, because she was annoying?"

"Because she started getting clingy as fuck"

The reason I for this was because I haven't had time to game her previously. I definitely had to DHV, and this worked very well. With this entire stripper thing, I've communicated that I'm used to dating hot girls, that I have standards that go beyond looks, and that she was chasing & clinging onto me. It also communicates that I am non needy, because I broke up with a needy girl. I could literally see her perception of me change. She looked at me in a different light after this. It's almost always the case.

She then tried to derail the plans again

"But can we at least get drivethrough?"

"We got food at home"

Then they start talking about how confident I am. They knew I was bullshitting about having food at home. I really think they wanted to see if I was gonna bend for them. Which I talked about above as well. Nitin think they got wet in this very moment.

They ask why we moved to Vegas from Sweden (they think Nitin is Swedish lmfao),

"We run our own business"

"What kind of business?"

"Ah probably shouldn't tell you"

Eventually, I close the loop and say the entire sex coach thing.

"Ah.. can I be your model??"

This is obviously a huge green light. DHV worked!

"Under one condition.."


"Only if you have a nice pussy"

I say this because I don't want to jump straight at it or sound too eager.

"Well, let's see if your methods work on me because it's really hard to make me cum"

They will pretty much always give this response. Every girl thinks it's difficult for them to cum. Lol

Once we step inside, I pour up a glass of gin for her and her friend. After about 2 minutes, my girl goes to the bathroom.

I want to isolate her as soon as possible to avoid the dreaded, platonic "afterparty-frame".

I wait for her outside the bathroom (lmao) and tell her to step into my room. Once she goes inside, I sit down on my bed. She just stands in front of me. Based on the amount of shit she gave in the car ride (way more than what I actually wrote down), I could make the assumption that this is a girl who would respond extremely well to dominance. So, I simply pick her up and throw her on my bed. I can tell she gets extremely turned on by it.

She's compliant, but not to the point where she'd be ready to fuck, yet.

She feels the need to "humble-brag" and tells me how millionaires pay her $15k+ cash to bang her (wtf Vegas), but she never enjoys the sex.

I explain to her how you need to put a girl into the right mental state to make her cum. She needs to be fully relaxed, and you need to build anticipation etc.

I phrase this in a way where I'm "assuming" that I'm going to make her cum later. So, by agreeing with me, she's also agreeing to me making her cum later. Framezzzz

I tell her to flip around. Start giving her a massage. She just keeps talking about how good the massage is. At this point, I know she's getting really compliant. Start fingering her, zero LMR.

A couple hours later she tells me she's married. That's fucked up, I feel weird about it in retrospect tbh. Oh well.

Afterwards, she's asking me why I like her etc. She wants me to qualify her, and she's doubting if she's "good enough" for me. This is common if you DHV like this.

Start trying out DHV boys, they work. Definitely necessary in Vegas