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Emotional vs Logical Objections while pulling


Staff member
Sep 6, 2019
Let's go to mine for another drink we don't have to sit here you seem cool

Always say in Nightgame you girls are so lucky that you don't need to work at weekends
Say you have to get early toy the gym
I pulls from dates after 1 drink with an hour

Seed as early 30 min on a date in find an excuse what you don't like about her. What music do you like. Oh I was about to invite you at my place but I can't now if you like rock.
Ok I'll consider it maybe you can come to mine

This place is crowded we can go later to mine for a drink

Those objections of her waking up in the morning are emotional BS
If she knows she will get best sex ever she will quit work

Look I have to get up in the morning too we only go for 1 drink

Change her mind Dhv sexuelle letting her know what good of experience she will have
Or Logically take it through im meeting my friends in another bar I'll take you there

Look right now you have two options you can decide. You seem to be cool i like you you can go home have 8 HR of sleep you will feel a zing revived the next day
Or we can go to mine i live 2 min away we drink some wine listen to music and what I'm gonna do is lay you down on my bed and I will start massaging you. If youRelax im gonna eat you up till you cum a couple of times 5
I gonna have sex with you if you beg as I want it passionate.. If you're still in your head then we can just finish the wine whatever