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Daygame plan


Staff member
Sep 6, 2019
Time to start cold approaching again!

There has been a lot of questions about how to get back into daygaming. So here's a simple structure you can follow. If you go through each of these steps, it'll help you get back into the groove. I'll be doing this myself!

The goal doesn't need to be pulling/closing, but try to get as close to pulling & sexualizing if possible and compliant.
Momentum is priority #1.

0. Screen for receptiveness
Most important: walking slow/walking without a purpose
Indicates towards logistical availability

1. Open strong
No pussy ass opens like you see in DG infields on YouTube. Be loud.

2. Screen
What are you doing right now?

2.5 Sexual screen (Optional)
Test for sexual compliance
Gauge if comfortable with prolonged eye contact or proximity. This is a strong indicator towards sexual compliance. You need to pay very close attention to how comfortable she is if you're going to use this stuff in DG.
Sexual DHV

3. Close
If she's busy: frame day 2.
If she's not busy: seed pull