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Daygame instant pull in Lisbon


Staff member
Sep 6, 2019
Instant pulling a girl during daytime

Lisbon, around 2pm.

We live close to the river and I often go there for a walk/meditation.

It was sunday so there were more people than usual.

As I sit down and am about to meditate, I spot a girl with a nice ass walk past me.

I have a brief moment of internally debating whether I should just meditate or whether I should approach this girl.

I decide to run up after her and approach her.

I stop her and ask her if she's brazilian. (Have used this opener more times than I would like to admit in Lisbon)

She hooks and we begin talking and walking. After 2 minutes I find out she has nothing to do and she's going home.

I take her on an instant date to a nearby coffee place. Along the way I begin sexualizing slightly and she gives me green lights.

We sit down at the coffee place. I sit across from her and I begin to make heavy eye contact. (Side note: a Greek girl recently about pulling the sisters told me I have a very naughty look when i was looking at her. I'm happy with that comment because I think it means I have good and sexual eye contact.)

At this point I start sexualizing even more, handling limiting beliefs, and building a sexual authority frame.

At one point I'm talking to her about how guys probably haven't given her the sexual experience she wants. She tries to get me to qualify by saying something like "and you think you will?"..I dont fall for it and I flip it on her by saying something along the lines of "I'm not sure about you yet"

We have an epic view over lisbon, so I seed the pull by asking her if she likes nice views. She says yes obviously

I text my housemate Ben to please fuck off and clear the apartment and I pull the girl back to my place. No objections or resistance.

Key Learnings

* If you're giving the girl a good experience and she has nothing better to do, it's almost impossible not to pull. You just need to handle limiting beliefs and show enough value