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COLUMBian girl pull


Staff member
Sep 6, 2019
Colombian Girl pulls me, first set

Sexualizing in the first 10 seconds!
She's standing in a group of 5 people. I make extremely strong eye contact with her and she looks down. This is a big IOI. I leap on that shit immediately.

I open her with "You look so shy!"
Reasoning: I assume that I already have value from the way that she broke eye contact. So she's very likely to start qualifying off the bat. Which she does. And it's also really easy to sexualize from this frame.

"I'm not shy! I just had an accident"
I ask her what happened. She fell from a motorbike and has bruises all over her leg. I ask her if she's okay and she says she is.

She asks me "But I'm definitely not shy. Colombian girls aren't shy. Why did you think I was shy?" [Qualifying herself, as predicted]

"Because you looked down immediately when we looked at each other! I know exactly what that means, and I know that you do as well."
She got visibly turned on from that (pupils dilating, looks up at me).
Very positive reaction to sexualizing - means I can take it further.

"I know exactly how to make you feel better after your accident..." [Baiting before sexualizing harder]

(I'm using her motorbike accident as a segueway to sexualize. Lol.)

She asks me how

"I'm going to give you 6-8 oral orgasms. It'll make you forget about your accident and your leg won't hurt anymore."

"Oh really??" she responds very well.

I ask her where she stays. She stays in a hostel nearby. She asks where I live. I'm a 10-15min drive away.

She starts showing a bit of disinterest and starts dancing in an attempt to make me chase. At the same time, her friend comes over and says hi to her.

If I try to re-engage the convo at this point, I'd end up in a bad position. I start gaming her friend instead to punish this behavior (creating fear of loss and sense of urgency).

This is my favorite way of handling disinterest, even if it's fake or real. Show complete lack of neediness/desperation and that you have options. You'll have that interest back in no time and much stronger than before.

I start holding extremely intense eye contact with her friend and talk about giving her 10-15 oral orgasms. I seed the pull out loud so that girl #1 can hear it. She looks visibly terrified as she thinks I'm gonna pull her friend instead of her.

She gets between both of us, and asks me if I wanna come with her to the bathroom.

I say sure. So we start walking. But since it's Bali and I ain't breaking no laws here, I tell her that we're going to mine instead.

One takeaway I want you guys to have here is how I'm skipping steps in the interaction. For example, she already perceives me as high value. Therefore I don't DHV. DHV'ing more could potentially cause issues. So I go straight into making her qualify.

I say the "You look so shy!" with a "genuine" tonality or whatever you wanna call it. Because I don't want her to think that I'm being arrogant or cocky because she gave me an IOI. That could blow the set.

i didn’t fully isolate but only micro isolate. Simply turning her away from the group they’re out of her field of vision

The reason I didn’t isolate was because I didn’t sense any cockblock vibes from the friends. And overall a good area to game her (not that loud).