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Cold reading


Staff member
Sep 6, 2019

If I cold read a girl having issues with committing to one guy and probably only ever having 2 boyfriends that ended in 6 months each, for example, well this is not exactly positive. However, if it's accurate, it will be a great thing. It's a DHV. And of course, I cannot have a judgmental and obnoxious arrogant tonality during the cold read. It'll come across as confrontational and she will be defensive. She's less likely to agree with your readers even if it's totally accurate.


There's a difference between obnoxiously arrogant and confident and cocky. There's also a difference between obnoxiously arrogant and wrong and cocky and spot on. There's also a difference when you have high value with any of these


There are A LOT more ways to cold read but forget about that now. Several of my last pulls all had cold reads and in some cases were the primary reason I fucked. I cold read every damn interaction. Your cold reads shouldn't be full of negativity. You shouldn't always sound judgmental. Or shaming. You can see that in Todd V's infield that Alex broke down. That girl happens to be the archetype that would more likely stick around and tolerate it that long. I am not saying you should never sound judgy or negative. But generally, you want your cold reads to be a bit more positive and open-minded. Nonjudgmental. You want to encourage her to agree to your cold read. Or at least be honest and forward. Honestly, I have trouble commenting on this because it's super contextual and it would be like writing a product if I tried. But let me introduce something to replace whatever negative lines you likely use: It's better explained on audio if you were on any Swift Saturday's you'd know. "Hey, there's absolutely nothing wrong with being a bit closed-minded! We all go through that stage in life. It's likely an inexperienced thing." This is the same as the "If you're too nervous, I'd totally understand!". It can be reworded a million different ways and used in many different situations. You're FAR less confrontational and you're practically trying to do the same thing and it is FAR more effective. Sometimes girls WANT to get triggered, but I do it in such a forgiving, understanding tonality. I can see Raffi taking this line and making it way too confrontational and arrogant. But yes the way you word it makes a difference. But without the proper subcoms and tonality to go with it, it may be useless. Watch the Todd V date infield. He literally does everything wrong. TERRIBLE cold reading, TERRIBLE tonality, TERRIBLE wording. I mean, I am still triggered by his infield. One more thing, if you assert and accuse her of being closed-minded for example versus let's say "I LOVE open-minded girls. Man, there's something I HATE about slut-shame culture. It's DISGUSTING. Women should be free to express themselves. They should be adventurous! Women should be able to go home with a guy and have fun without feeling shamed! Controlled by family, by men, by society! I mean, I am sure you agree... You're CLEARLY very open-minded and would never shame or be shamed. It's what I love about you" I don't think I have EVER had one girl go against that frame and disagree. They actually agree and or try to live up to that identity. I go for pull.. You can see her maybe about to object "I don't go home with a guy on the first night"... then realize that's not her identity. If a girl goes against that frame she agreed with... you can now punish it and seem very disappointed. Oh.. okay. I thought you were not a slut shamer... You said earlier... wow. Okay... no. no. No worries. I usually have a good eye. Don't worry about it. I totally understand!" She comes back and says no! I just have to say goodbye to my friend, ETC....