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Chode game report pulling German and Russian girl


Staff member
Sep 6, 2019
Chode Game Love Report - German Russian

Pulled second interaction of night after a warmup set.

Most of my objections are due to girls perceiving me as too high value, as you've read in many recent reports from me. I'm trying hard to find new ways where I can DLV myself, soften myself up and help her perceive me like a pussy chode. It's actually really difficult for me to flip my perception in this direction, but I have
a few solid routines now.

I'm adding triggers like "Ben & Jerry's" etc. Works well, as you'll see below.

So I open, quite hardcore DHV'ing.

I can see attraction after I told her that my ex gf was from St Petersburg. Immediately capitalize on this compliance spike to isolate her.

Sexualize verbally really quick.

Craziest thing (I tell her I've had a gangbang in Bali 2 days ago) - you love your hair pulled - you love to be choked.

She tells me she's never talked about sex this early with someone. I flip this by telling her "it's actually crazy but I feel comfortable talking sexually because I feel so comfortable around you"

This is, however, a massive sign of compliance.

So I assume the pull (what I wrote about a few days ago).

"your friend is really cool. She's not gonna be weird when you and me leave, right?"

She tells me she can't because she's on her period. Can't overcome in the moment so leave it for later. I know that if she's home it's easy. She knows it's not a problem for me. I tell her a story about how me and my ex always had sex on her period. How she felt nervous the first time because every other guy she had been with except me was grossed out by periods.

I think this handled the period objection well enough, but not explicitly.

She's still saying "not tonight". This makes me think that she perceives me as too high value. I did DHV quite hard earlier to get compliance for the sexualization.

Cuddle routine.

"I know that I look and come across like a fuckboy but I'm actually a massive pussy in some ways..."

Baiting her to ask what makes me a giant pussy.

"In what ways?" She asks.

"Because I'm an extreme cuddler. For me, it's actually more important and enjoyable than sex. I know I know im a giant pussy and you're gonna judge me so hard for this! But I'm just letting you know. If this is too much I'd totally understand!"

"Hmm I don't know if I believe you"

"no no I'm 100% serious. For me, there's nothing better than cuddling and watching romantic comedies."

"I don't believe you"

"I tell her my 3 favorite romantic comedies - mean girls, bridget Jones 2 and crazy stupid love."

"Oh they're good"

So now I have compliance and I can use this to pull her.

"Can I be honest with you? There's nothing I'd rather do right now than cuddle in front of a romantic comedy with you and eat Ben & Jerry's."

She says "that sounds nice. But are you sure it's only cuddling? Guys usually expect more"


"Hmm I'm not sure"

So I Disqualify sex.

"OK I'm just gonna say this. I'm done with mediocre sex. I can't enjoy sex if the girl isn't 100% relaxed and comfortable. And since you're not relaxed because of your 2nd day of period, I wouldn't have sex with you right now. But don't get me wrong, you're absolutely my type and perfect for me. But I'd only have sex with you when you're feeling relaxed."

She complies with this so now the condition is that we'll have sex if she feels comfortable.

My strategy for escalation needs to be 100% sure that she's the one who's initiating it back home. Otherwise, she could easily say shit like" but you said you only wanted to cuddle". So I need to turn her on so much that she starts escalating on me.

Escalate slowly while cuddling over 2h to slowly turn her on.